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  1. niftyjackie

    niftyjackie New Member

    I'm using the Samsung Infuse and tried to download two movies on Media Hub. The second movie downloaded (after literally hours of waiting and continually dropping the wifi connecton). Yet, the first movie still won't download and continues to say "Problem with downloading. Retrying..." then after a few minutes goes to the download paused view. How can I either get the movie to download or get the credit back??

  2. try restarting the phone.
  3. MoparCharged4G

    MoparCharged4G New Member

    I downloaded The Butterfly Effect on my Droid Charge and at 1.07GB which is the entire movie it took a lot longer than usual i waited until it came up with the same message "problem downloading retrying" so i called media hub and it has taken forever to get an answer however after a wasted lunch break i got the manager and he said he personally call me to refund my 9.99 however that was Wed last week and nothings been done they have a problem im sure n they dont want to release it... A list of faulty movies would give the purchasers some grounds to say something... like a buddy of mine said, real quick to take it but a pain to return it.

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