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  1. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    I don't have a Media Link HD so I can't speak to what works or not, just pointing out what worked in that video and notating that it was on a One X as opposed to the Evo 4G LTE. I know that since the Evo 4G LTE and HTC One X have different software builds, things can differ. I know little to nothing about the MediaLink and I'm just as confused as the next guy.

    You have an Evo 4G LTE and the MediaLink HD and you tried the home button and it didn't work so you know better than anyone. You are not missing anything.

    Try the 'recent applications' key.
    It is a wacky idea, but I'd also try the camera key.

  2. skpd

    skpd Well-Known Member

    well, just watched few more videos I shot today with the LTEVO over the MediaLink and something weird happened. The video started playing and I hit Home and I was able to do other tasks while playing which I was not able to do last time around...

    this thing either has a mind of it's own or there are 2 options somehow to either do what I was able to do above or mirror the screen 100% of the time and I somehow activated that.

    lemme try again. will post back

    can't figure this out. sometimes it works one way and then when I connect again I can't do the multitasking again...

    this is officially bugging me now and I need to figure it out if I want a good night sleep tonight

    EDIT 1: it seams like when it's in that multitasking mode the LTEVO screen is not mirrored anymore, meaning it does not show my moves on the screen but when I start a video it sends it to the TV so after it starts playing I can get out and do something else while watching it on the TV screen
    hm, interesting. now, how do we intentionally select between these 2 apparent modes?
  3. WifiMaxed

    WifiMaxed Well-Known Member

    I was able to stream a movie from gallery and use my LTEVO in normal mode at the same time. If your are setup as direct link. (LTEVO-->Media Link) you won't have data as WiFi disconnects 3G data on LTEVO :( . I was still able to play temple run on LTEVO and Stream a movie to my HDTV. Not sure if that constitute as multitasking ;)

    If you tie into your home network (WiFi Router-->(LTEVO)<--Media Link) Then you can stream movies to your HDTV, while surfing the web, check emails, post threads, ;) on LTEVO :D Maybe that qualifies as multitasking
    Not sure I helped there. :rolleyes:

    I am curious if enabling hotspot on LTEVO. This would allow LTEVO to surf the web and stream to Media Link. :confused: :)
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  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    I think, for to use the phone while playing a video you have to use the stock video player.
    The stock video player streams a video directy to the Media Link, not on the phone's display.

    VitalPlayer and arcPlayer streams a video directly to the MediaLink too, but I don't know if I can use the Home button and use the Phone while playing video.
    In the evening I'll try it :)

    Would be nice if VitalPlayer and arcPlayer could do it, because they can play a lot of more formats than the stock player of my One X :)

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  5. pricelisss

    pricelisss Member

    Hi! New to the forum, although I've lurked here quite often :eek:

    I would like to buy one of these Media Links. I can't seem to find any online anywhere. Obviously they are out, since some of you have them. So any idea where I can get one?

    Also, will it play things that I have downloaded? (music,TV shows,movies?)
  6. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Couldn't wait, I tried it now.

    Sorry, the only way to use the phone while playing video seems to be when using the stock gallery :(

    So, when the video is running I can use the Home button and the video will keep on running :)

  7. WifiMaxed

    WifiMaxed Well-Known Member

    LTEVO ships with full mirroring capability. Pretty much anything your LTEVO can play or do. You will be able to do on the big screen via media link. I have no problems playing MP3's downloaded from Amazon, pics/videos taken with LTEVO's camera, and movies/TV shows backed up onto my LTEVO to media link hd via direct connect(No internet connection required)

    If your going to stream TV shows/Movies thru apps like Netflix, YouTube, Xfinity TV player(comcast subscription required) "ones I've tried so far". Then you have to tie into your home internet as described in previous posts and stream thru LTEVO that way.

    Sprint stores are selling them now, you'll have to call around to find one ($89.99)
    SKU# EVH7965Q
    Hope that helps :)

    P.S. Welcome to AF LTEVO threads :)
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  8. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    expansys carries them as well as if you are not having luck at local sprint stores.
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  9. WifiMaxed

    WifiMaxed Well-Known Member

    Yeah, its a bummer cause run into similar problem streaming from 3rd party apps like Netflix :( Can't hit the home button surf the web and continue to stream Netflix. :)

    I really can't complain to much. I can plug the receiver into my HDTV in my bedroom. I then have entire online video library I can stream from my bed. I "almost feel guilty" admitting that :cool: :p

    Oh well, its a heck of lot more than what I could do on my OG EVO. Upgrade? (Check!) :D
  10. pricelisss

    pricelisss Member

    Thank you both so much!

    I will try calling my sprint store tomorrow and pray they have one.

    Just to be clear tho, if I download something and watch it thru Mobo player, it will definitely work?
  11. WifiMaxed

    WifiMaxed Well-Known Member

    Yep, LTEVO will mirror it just fine through media link to your HDTV. Good luck and don't let the Sprint Stores say no! ;)
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  12. pricelisss

    pricelisss Member

    Cool! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these. A new toy to play with :p

    Thanks again!
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  13. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    I am still having all kinds of issues with my setup. I can get it to connect eventually but once I leave my home network and then come back I have to reconnect and it takes forever. I really don't think it is connecting properly; Interestingly the other night I streamed a movie from HTC Watch to Media Link and then was heading to bed. I turned all my lights off and tried to turn on Flashlight and it told me something along the lines that Flashlight cannot work while Hotspot is turned on. I went and check and it was not (and I don't have it activated on my account anyway). So I turned Wifi off and then back on and that fixed it. I then swiped 3 fingers up to see if it would reconnect to my Media Link and it took forever but eventually connected (My setup shows My Evo as the Network and a different IP address). I then swiped 3 fingers down and tried to turn Flashlight on and got the same message. Also worth noting anytime I try and connect to media link for the first time (meaning when I get home after leaving the network) it continually turns my Wifi connection on and off (I assume this is my phone turning on the Hotspot). Again everything works but it just feels like it isn't working as intended.
  14. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    sounds like either the link is defective and/or your network is not playing nice with it.

    as i mentioned earlier, if you can directly connect to the link and you are able to do that easily with no issues, its more likely settings on your network connection.

    if you wanted to test your home network, disable any security (adjusting this on your phone as well) then restart everything and try and see if it connects a locks in. should be a 3 minute or less setup time from factory out of the box state of the link.
  15. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    I think some brave soul should create a guide for this thing.

    On one hand, and in alot of cases, it can be as easy as taking it out of the package and plug and play. On the other hand though it seems like it can get a bit messy and confusing once you have to start fiddling with settings and router software (obviously every router will be different but maybe there are some general tips and ideas that can be condensed into a help document? - some ideas are, which gHz mode and bands to use etc, how this thing works, different modes of streaming; DLNA vs. wi-fi, streaming vs. mirroring, how to multi-task, difference between wi-fi and wi-fi direct (ad hoc?), etc., etc.)

    I've been waffling about posting this since it is on the UK/EU/World HTC site and not the U.S. HTC site. The U.S. site does not seem to have a page for the ML-HD. However I still think there is some applicable value in the information. For example, did you know you can update the software/firmware of the MediaLink unit? And that there is a reset/reboot for the unit? Maybe it ships with some documentation that says some of this stuff, however me not having the MediaLink unit on hand, I found this info interesting. (World) | Media Link HD Support | User Guide and FAQ
    In the top banner next to the picture there is a link for the user guide pdf and below there is a decent FAQ section.
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  16. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Well-Known Member

    If the phone doesn't want you to be using flashlight with the hotspot, it's what is happening.

    My understanding is that you either need to be on the local wifi network that the MediaLink is, or the MediaLink will attempt an adhoc wifi connection (which means that even though you've "turned off" wifi, the wifi will still be turning on and trying to start a connection with the MediaLink).
  17. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Hi sikclown, you could go back to this fast and easy connection with the Media Link as member of your home network :)

    I rebooted the One X and resetted the Media Link (pressed the button for 10 secs).
    The connecting and configuration was fast and easy like I did it with the Media Link out of box :)

    But before I updated the Media Link.

  18. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Harry, I have done this more times than I care to count. I am definitely having issues with my home network but it is frustrating because the only things having any problems are ICS based and this Media Link. I am tempted to buy another router to try but the headache may just not be worth it.
  19. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Everything is on the same network but when I go to connect the phone to media link it knocks them both off and they do their thing and then the phone jumps back on the network while the Media link connects to my phones Hotspot. In essence I think the Media Link is having an issue with my particular router and finding other ways to connect. Like I said, I can get everything to connect but it just doesn't feel right. It connects like it is connecting for the first time every time I leave my network and reconfigures the Media Link; every time.
  20. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    Once the media link is connected to your home network, it will auto update itself.

    the media link needs :

    to be able to connect to your mobile phone (compatible mobile phone)

    needs said phone to be able to connect to your wif network

    if on the 5ghz network, you can only use certain bands -- these are listed in the manual

    do not use DFS mode, rather pick a suitable channel

    make sure your router has the latest firmware update.

    enable IP multicasting

    are you blocking any ports on your router?

    UNCHECK "block anonymous internet request or (pings)"

    if the link can not grab the home networks wifi info, it will force the phone to directly connect to the media link using its own ad hoc network.

    if the handset can not even connect direct to the media link, there are issues with the handset and/or media link itself.

    if it cant connect to your home network, remove all security on the band you are trying to connect with and re attempt.

    you will also need to switch channels on your router, as there could be some more crowded in your area than others.

    i think the biggest wild card is each ones router. we all have different routers.

    so it would be helpful if you cats could post up your router info, such as band, what security encryption (if any) you use, channel assignment, if you are bonding or not.

    i agree, some more technical info would be welcomed to us geekers.

    perhaps someone should open up a trouble ticket to htc--once at this stage they work really hard to resolve...

    EDIT: also where did you cats purchase your link from? sprint? att? expansys? amazon? etc etc... this may also play a factor....
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  21. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    My Network setup:
    Linksys ea4500 with latest firmware
    5ghz network on Channel 161 Wireless N only 20hz using WPA2 security
    2.4ghz network on channel 11 Mixed Mode 20hz using WPA2 security
    Both SSIDs are different.
    All router firewall features are turned off
    Devices on my network are as follows
    Self built Windows 7 64 bit PC wired
    Xbox 360 wired
    PS3 wired
    AppleTV wired
    Slingbox wired
    iPad 2 wireless 4s wireless
    Evo 3D Wireless
    LTEvo Wireless
    Transformer Prime wireless
    HP Touchpad wireless
    MediaLink wireless.
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  22. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Can someone tell me what their MediaLink screen on TV looks like after disconnecting from the phone? I.e. Network name and IP address and also try their HTC flashlight app if they have it. Does anyone else have medialink turning on their hotspot?
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  23. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    After I had read your post I tried the HTC Flashlight successfully and then I connected the Media Link.

    The ML did start as member of my home network (name of my WiFi + an ID of my network's address range), but then did re-configurate for some time and came up with WiFi name "HTC Portable Hotspot" and an ID which was outside of my home network's address range.

    After disconnecting the ML, I couldn't use the HTC Flashlight because "... the phone is a portable hotspot".

    This Media Link does some strange things ... ;)
    EDIT: OK, what I think is, that WiFi receiving behind/near my TV is poor for the Media Link.
    So, sometimes the ML chooses the home network and sometimes it chooses the phone's hotspot.

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  24. pricelisss

    pricelisss Member

    I love this thing!!! I picked one up at my local Sprint store this morning for $89.99, and the dude must have liked me or something because he gave me a free Car Dock :).

    Set-up was super easy for me. I just plugged everything in, did the 3 finger swipe and that was pretty much it. It took maybe 15 seconds to load and then once it did, it was flawless. Youtube and netflix looked super nice. Everything worked big issues here.

    My only complaint so far, and maybe there's a way to fix it: When I try to turn the screen off to save battery, it stops whatevers playing on the Media Link. This is the only thing I don't like about it, because the battery will drain much faster that I need to keep a charger near by. I couldn't find any settings to try and fix it, and I didn't have time to really play with it since I needed to go to sleep for work.

    Can anyone help? Thanks in advance :)
  25. WifiMaxed

    WifiMaxed Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the free car dock :eek: Is your screen set to time out? If that is not it. I would just go into display settings and turn screen brightness all the way down :p Might be a lame work around until there is a fix, but this works too :D
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