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media player with slow motion

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  1. Quaker

    Quaker New Member

    I coach athletics and use my phone to video my athletes training and then watch them back to spot errors. Is there a media player app that plays video back in slow motion as this would be a big help.

  2. dcook23

    dcook23 New Member

    Did you ever find an app to do this. I'm looking for it for the exact same reason you are. I coach baseball and it has made a big difference showing kids what they are doing but it would help even more if it were slow motion so I could more easily pause in specific places.
  3. jev

    jev Well-Known Member

    This is not exactly what you've asked, but it's close enough that it may be useful: V1 now has a golf app that allows you to stop and playback per frame. Could be useful for you guys too and there's a free version to test with...
  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

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