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  1. xxxmagic

    xxxmagic New Member

    I got some weird issue on my HTC Legend.

    I copied some new MP3 files and no one of the mp3 players don't see them in the list. I can play files from FileManager app, but not straight from WinAmp or DoubleTwist or even the native player.

    I tryed to reboot, and running some sort of "media rescan" apps, but nothing helps. I still see the old songs list :(

    Anyone had this issue?

  2. iamhtclegend

    iamhtclegend Member

    Having the same issue since running Bell's official 2.2 upgrade. I can see the music and photos on my SD card, even play individual songs via Astro, but songs don't show up in my music player, and photos don't appear in the gallery.

    Anyone know what's up?

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