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media scanner completes 100% and runs againSupport

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  1. riteshgupta

    riteshgupta New Member

    My phone is Samsung Galaxy ACE 5830. Gingerbread. Rooted phone.
    The problem happens after every reboot-- media scanner completes 100% then mobile gets crash and media scanner runs again. This happens continuously almost 10-15 times till that time my phone is useless. Then it becomes normal and all my files and apps are visible.

    The phone works with other media card but now I have lot of data and apps installed in present SD card and wants to continue.

    I checked SD card with windows check disk and every thing is fine. I also put in almost all directories .nomedia to prevent scanning except DCIM and .android_secure folders.

    Please suggest the solution.

    Thanks in advance..

  2. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    You will have to find out what caused the problem if you want to solve the problem. What did you last do after which this problem started for you??

    You can always use a different card, just copy all card data onto the new card. Before that try formatting your card from the phone.
  3. riteshgupta

    riteshgupta New Member

    Actually I could not think of any reason why it is happening. But I think it is because of some application which crashed during working. When I put all the memory card data to my older 2GB sd card minus all media/songs files, the same problem repeats. Now one option remains that I have to remove apps one by one and see which is causing this problem, which is tiresome as I have 100s of apps.
  4. riteshgupta

    riteshgupta New Member

    Finally found the culprit. It's Juicedefender App which was causing the trouble. Once I un-installed every thing started working normal.

    Good bye..
  5. Marcha

    Marcha Well-Known Member

    Hi there,
    Nice to have you here. But... if you want to introduce yourself without a specific subject, this is not really the right place to do that. There's a section called "Introductions" within the general "Android forums" part. Take a look over there as well. Right now you're at the Galaxy Ace's forum.
    Enjoy and take a look around.

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