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  1. Scott22xx

    Scott22xx Member

    Every once in a while, I will hear my phone make a weird beep and I notice the screen light up. When I look at the screen, I notice the media scanner is running. It is almost as if my phone has rebooted itself.

    It happens sometimes when the phone is just sitting undisturbed, but it also happens when I carry it with me running. It really causes frustration when I'm running because I use the phone for music and to track my run with runkeeper (runkeeper stops tracking my run).

    Does anybody know what could cause this?

    I was thinking the shaking from running might be causing this, but this issue doesn't occur exclusively when I'm running.

  2. Scott22xx

    Scott22xx Member

  3. rounsy222

    rounsy222 Well-Known Member

    Are you stock or rooted?
  4. Scott22xx

    Scott22xx Member

  5. rounsy222

    rounsy222 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried resetting your phone? To me sounds like you might have to do that or reflashing the os.
  6. sharkyZA

    sharkyZA New Member

    I experience exactly the same thing. What I can add is Andriod V2.1 on Galaxy I5500 with/without wi-fi connection and with/without GPRS data connection.

    Is it a bug or is it a feature? :confused:

    Anyway, no biggie just curious, it's not stopping any other apps that I use...
  7. Griefstruelove

    Griefstruelove Active Member

    I am rooted (samsung admire) phone is a year old. I use admiral beast rom. I too see media scanner running at odd times. usually with nothing going on with phone but today it started just after i got sms. As of right now it is not interfearing with my use of phone however I think could affect my battery. The only recent app I can think of is ultimate call screen hd. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. I know that I can turn off media scanning and then choose to manually scan for it, however I would first like to know why it is happening. in otherwords is there a problem with my phone?
    :smokingsomb:<--------------Me waiting patently for response.
  8. Griefstruelove

    Griefstruelove Active Member

    O.k. so I gave this some more thought. I had recently installed amazons cloud app for photos. This app did not have a setting option to allow to run or not and you had to tell the photo to go to cloud so this app did not readily come to mind. However I have a friend who uses iphone 3gs and had recently updated and was having diffrent issue that lead back to apple cloud app. So I uninstaled my cloud app and so far do not seem to have the media scanner problem. This is just a thought since I really cant find anything online to support this. Please give feedback if you feel this helped you or not so we can pass the info to others.

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