Media scanner won't let me open gallery

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  1. playnwfire13

    playnwfire13 Member

    Media scanner usually starts running on my phone when I delete/ edit files. Before the upgrade, it would run briefly then stop. Since upgrading to 2.2, media scanner runs at random and won't allow me to open my gallery. Does anyone know how to stop a media scan and what triggers it?

    Also, I've been trying to clean up my gallery by deleting old pics that have already been uploaded. Any time I try to delete pics it takes forever (Not just a few minutes, I mean like 30 plus minutes until I close the gallery through task manager).

    Anyone having these issues?

  2. Lissa7341

    Lissa7341 New Member

    I just had that problem so I deleted them from my computer......hope it helps....we shall see
  3. Photogdave

    Photogdave Member

    I am having this very problem. That's my sole reason for getting on here this a.m. to search thought the threads to see if others have had this issue.
    I get this "deleted" text that stays on screen after I delete and it just wont go away. When I back out the gallery freezes and the phone lags to point where I just shut it down and start back up.
    But this only works for a couple more deletes, then it does it again.
    I dont want to have to USB my phone to the computer just to deal with the gallery.
    And why now. I updated to 2.2 when I got the phone over a month ago and it has been fine....until now. Why would it just start having these weird software glitches at random. I could see if it screwed up upon update....but mine was just fine after the update.
    With Windows on PC, these things happen from time to time and in almost every case for me, a quick restart and things get back to normal.
    This phone doesnt really have that. It doesnt seem that the turn off and on action does anything.
    So a factory reset is what seems to be the next best thing.
    So what will happen to my phone if I do this. You know, apps, contacts, texts, gallery etc.
  4. Photogdave

    Photogdave Member

    Something else.....I wonder if it could be the card. Im a photographer and have several types of compact flash cards. Ranging from fast Sandisk to slow Lexars and Ive encountered an issue with cards.
    For instance, I have a Canon 7D as my backup camera and i use it for video when I need that. I usually use an 8G SandiskIII card in that camera cause of file size. But only with that card I get an error 2 each time I try to video with it. Without fail, when videoing with that card at one point it will freeze, lock up and I'll lose that clip. Its never happened with any other type cards.
    So I wonder if maybe the cheap sandisk card that comes with the phone may be causeing the issue. I may go out and drop some good coin and a high end card to see.
    Just for info sake, I have the 16GB card that came with it. It shows 13.35 GB of space remaining. I have some large images on here for display from my real cameras too....not just phone pics. In the DCIM folder, there is 149 images and videos.
    Curious to hear others takes.
  5. Photogdave

    Photogdave Member

    OK. Update.
    I went and bought a 16BG class 8 card and gave that a try. The OE card was a Sandisk 16GB class 2. Should be much better. Box claimed 15MB/s write speed.
    It is a PNY, never used one but they didnt have any fast Sandisk or Lexar in 16GB size.
    At first it seemed to have resolved it.
    I did run in to one thing, it did something similar, but not the same and it resolved more quickly and without shutdown.
    I did what the guy at bestbuy told me to try, "soft reset"....removing battery while phone was on. Havent tried since then. I need files to delete. Will take a bunch of pics and try deleting later.
    Sure wish someone else knew more to do.
  6. Photogdave

    Photogdave Member

    OK. Nothing scientific. Just shot 11 images with phone. And starting with first one, while viewing image did "menu", "delete", "confirm deletion" steps 11x's as quick as my thumb would do so and it never hesitated. Kept deleting and went on to next image like it should. I couldnt do that with the other card.
    I also, jumped around in gallery a ton real quick to see if I could confuse it....flew right through.
    I have noticed something else. I have the "Quick pic" app I tried today to see if that helped and this app for gallery displays images in amazing resolution. Nearly 3x the factory gallery app. But at a cost of speed. With the other card, the images would pixelate for approximately 5-6 sec, maybe populating before snapping in and allowing full res viewing. But once it did....
    This new card seems to be doing so in about 2sec or less. Just sayin......

    Im gonna keep trying. Maybe its just those cheap cards when they get full of large files. Also, today, I noticed when I checked, the card showed 18% fragmented.....on a phone this new. I defragged but it didnt help.

    Im new to Android....and smartphones for that matter. I sure hope this isnt like PC vs Mac.....Android vs iPhone.
    I waited for the iPhone 4 for over a year to come to Verizon before making the decision. I looked around and decided the Android phones seemed to have more to offer in terms of options than the iPhone. And the Samsung fascinate seemed to work real well when I played with it. It was faster side by side in VZW store than iPhone.
    But now.....Im just saying. I have a PC, real fast, quad core processor, 4GB RAM, fast video card, multi hard sings, but its very unstable due to Vista.
    And so I wonder, even though its faster than the iMac I played it really. Especially when considering all the crashes.
    I sure hope this Android phone doesnt make me feel the same way. I have 5 friends with iPhones and they never have these quirky nagging things happening.
    They're all envious of my screen res and clarity and snappyness. But.....
    And they seem to be able to get apps when I cant at times. Like my Choice Privledges for iPhone......sorry for Android.
    Not trying to piss anyone off, just throwing my thought out hoping others will reassure a new user. Cause everyday I wish I had sprung for that Mac in regards to desktop.
    So far, this has been my only problem.

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