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Media scanning on startupSupport

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  1. franqlyn

    franqlyn Member

    Ok, can anyone tell me how to disable the media scan that runs on startup? It locks up my phone for a minute or so, when I first boot up and since I seem to flash something every few days or so, it is getting pretty annoying, especially since I don't have any media on my phone

  2. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    you can disable media scan...but it causes more problems than it solves...ie you cant access music, pictures, etc :eek:
  3. franqlyn

    franqlyn Member

    And I am guessing that it runs twice on bootup because I have my sdcard partitioned?
  4. franqlyn

    franqlyn Member

    Thanks... I guess I would rather deal with known issues than the unknown... any thoughts on my other list about the "keytracer" I found in my settings? Is it legitimate?
  5. franqlyn

    franqlyn Member

  6. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    Don't turn your phone off as much?
  7. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    nah, mines not partioned and it does it twice too...and after i data wipe...pfft..takes forever...but ive learned to live with it
  8. s44

    s44 Well-Known Member

    Use .nomedia files (empty) to exclude folders from the scan. I actually do this for music: since the scanner mangles non-mp3 tags, I just use MortPlayer (navigates by folder).

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