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  1. kenrw

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    For some reason over the last few nights Mediasever has used at least use at least 25-30% of the battery, I started using the phone (calls and email services) quite heavily during the day and find I need to recharge twice a day, usually early evening so when I go to bed it only needs about a one hour charge to be fully charged. After which I leave it disconnected whilst asleep but after 6-7 hours when get up I find battery down to around 50% and mediasever being a big culprit, and on opening it up in battery use it only say in the region of 50-70 minutes cpu use.

    So what is this mediasever, how do I restrict it, I've not added any new apps, it does not appear in running services.

    Thanks for any assistance/advice you can give

  2. scooter91170

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