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Meebo IM: Best IM app

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  1. vconceicao

    vconceicao Guest

    I'm a HUGE FAN of Meebo, I've been a user for around 5 year, Meebo was still in first steps, only supported msn and yahoo icq and jabber at the time.
    I use it in my PC, on a daily basis, either at home or at work, the problem was being connected while commuting, specially when you get used to having all the IM (MSN, Facebook, GTALK) in one application its hards to go back to multiple application.
    So I was very pleased when this came out.


    • You can log into all your IM accounts (Windows Live, Google Talk, Yahoo, Facebook, Myspace, Aim, Icq, Jabber, Myyearbook)

      Conversations organize themselves from latest to older in a new group at the top of your buddy list.

      It stays connected and keeps track of your conversation history.

      Landscape mode for better typing.

      Super easy to use.

      Lightweight app.

    Negative Aspects

    Sometimes i get duplicate messages on the built in Google talk application.

  2. Wello

    Wello Member

    I like eBuddy better :p
  3. lord lucan

    lord lucan Well-Known Member

    I've installed meebo but it's unable to sign into my facebook chat. I've logged into facebook and told it that to allow meebo to work but it still doesn't seem to do it on my desire.

    Should I reboot my desire?
  4. Munnarg

    Munnarg Well-Known Member

    You might have to log onto facebook from the computer and set your chat to online. I know for eBuddy, if I set Facebook chat on the computer to offline I couldn't log on.
  5. bemymonkey

    bemymonkey Active Member

    For the Facebook chat to work, you need to log into Facebook chat once on meebo.com. After that it works fine...

    Does anyone know if any updates are planned for Meebo? Seems to be pretty much abandoned :(
  6. asp2010

    asp2010 Active Member

    meebo is really great, but i'm quite annoyed it doesn't show the nicknames to my yahoo contacts. i see in the screenshots above it works for you. is there something i need to do? i've looked through the settings and couldn't find anything; it keeps showing me the contact usernames in the buddy list or when i open a conversation. thanks!
  7. PearlRose

    PearlRose Well-Known Member

    Will meebo run in the background? I read that ebuddy should and I have it checked to run in the background when closed, but System Panel is always showing it active. Even if I get no messages for hours, not once will it go into background mode like the internet and other apps do.
  8. pakitlover

    pakitlover Member

    Whats your idea about IM Pro?
    I like it and using it
    Also will check it
  9. nancy30

    nancy30 Well-Known Member

    I have used meebo.com on the web it is a good application overall but used to be a bit slow with its flash interface, I have personally not tested it on android but it surely offers some great features and unites several messengers like yahoo, google talk and msn.
  10. Malisabrown

    Malisabrown New Member

    I still feel imo messenger is the best, where you can Message and call your family and friends for free with imo messenger!

    Some features are:

    - Free high-quality voice calls
    - Super fast and reliable messaging (much faster than SMS)
    - Group messaging and photo sharing
    - Discover new people and content tailored to your interests
    - Voice IMs turn your Android into a walkie-talkie
    - Multimedia attachments - audio, video, files
    - Share your location with friends using Google Maps and Places
    - Searchable chat history accessible on mobile and web
    - Concurrent sessions on different devices
    - Support for Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, Hyves, VKontakte and Steam

    "I’d say this is the best...

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