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Meeting Task

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  1. tkoden

    tkoden Member

    My work calendar syncs with my google calendar on my phone so I would like to have my phone automatically goto vibrate only went I am scheduled to be in a meeting. I haven't been able to figure out how to tell it to look at my calendar to pickup the meetings.

  2. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    Here's my profile based on my gmail calendar. Substitute YourMail. Ignores whole day appointments.

    Profile: Calendar-vibrate (146)
    State: Calendar Entry [ Title:* Location:* Description:* Available:Any Calendar:Google:YourMail@gmail.com/Google:My calendar ]
    Enter: CalendarVibrateProfileTask (147)
    A1: Test [ Type:Calendar All Day Data:%TIMES Store Result In:%Allday ]
    A2: If [ %Allday1 ~ yes ]
    A3: Stop [ With Error:Off Task: ]
    A4: End If
    A5: Notify Vibrate [ Title:Vibrate mode for meeting Text: Icon: Number:0 Pattern: Priority:0 ]
    A6: Silent Mode [ Mode:Vibrate ]
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  3. tkoden

    tkoden Member

    Thank you!! Works perfect so far.

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