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MegaTron 6.2.5 (Updated 7/13/13)

  1. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    LOL I was thinking that but wasn't for sure. Dooh.

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  2. powerkane

    powerkane Well-Known Member

    Just got done donating :) I'd suggest others donate as well :) this is a blazing fast awesome custom rom :p
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  3. dmcjr22

    dmcjr22 Guides Guide

    somebody wanna give me quick run down of overclocking settings like what should i st them as
  4. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    Yay just hit my senior member status lol.. bout time.. Been a member for over a year...:rolleyes:
  5. xaelith

    xaelith Well-Known Member

    ....Weird, it shows one thing when the thread loads up, and another when I try qouting it.....Anyhoo...

    Because backing up a 16GB SD card isn't possible on 2GB of space, and I was trying to avoid firing up my old decrepit beast of a PC. ;) For others, it may be that they don't have quick and easy access to a machine at all.

    Hahahahaha. Sorry to laugh, mav, but sounds like you're about ready to pull your hair out from all the questions. :D

    I apologize for my involvement in adding to the frustration, but thank you for your work. :) You, sir, are indeed an asset to the TU community, and any phone or device you happen to dev for in the future. ;)
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  6. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    No overclocking kernel as of yet.. I'm still compiling and testing as I type this.. But trully you don't need one. the ROM is hella fast like it is. I'm thinking it will be released in about a week (but don't hold me to that). Trying to get it out ASAP if work allows it..

    It will be exclusively for megatron and no you cant use Bobz Kernel so don't install that
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  7. gkak

    gkak Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys this rom is super smooth. One thing though...i can underclock but not over clock
  8. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    read the post above you^^^
  9. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    think I might call the Megatron OC kernel the "ALL Spark"
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  10. tejodite

    tejodite Active Member

    hey i want to install the gtalk apk but every time i try i have a error.

    how can i do it?
  11. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    hay everyone, I think I may have used the wrong .ops file!!! go to Bads3ctor's thread and download his ops and try again using his .ops.

    Let me know if you have any luck with that plz
  12. gkak

    gkak Well-Known Member

    Disregard error
  13. jjayno

    jjayno Active Member

    none will change it idk y not tho o well its wrkin tho
  14. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    Settings > Applications> and check "unknown sources" then try again
  15. gkak

    gkak Well-Known Member

    Would u be able to add deadline scheduler? It works great for multi tasking
  16. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    Noop, SIO, and deadline yes
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  17. tejodite

    tejodite Active Member

    i try that and i used the root explorer to put it in System/app and is the same
  18. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    Tell you what.. Wait untill tomorrow and I'll put up a zip for installing removed apps in cwm and a folder with all the removed apps so you can just move what you want into the zip and flash them back..

    PS you might be trying to install an app that doesnt work with the FF27/FG11 update.. where did you get it from?
  19. DMajor239

    DMajor239 Well-Known Member

    I'm getting crazy speeds [​IMG]
  20. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    When ever you move something into system/app you can't simply install the app.
    You have to move apk into the system/app folder then reboot. After reboot then the app should appear in your app drawer.

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  21. akwasi98

    akwasi98 Active Member

    I just tried to change my baseband on my boost transform ultra using the terminal emulator and after i typed in all the codes as instructed and try to reboot, the phone will not turn on and I have a purple/pink notification light on but the phone wont turn on. Any help please
  22. xaelith

    xaelith Well-Known Member

    If it helps, mav, I know Bloodawn posted a zip of the missing apps on his CTMod thread. According to the post where the file can be found, if it's not in the zip, then it's either available on the market, or becomes broken in the deodexing process.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that in Blood's removed apps zip, I believe "Talk2.apk" is the file for Gtalk, but not positive.

    Also, if it helps, I have a couple copies of stock images I could pull the system/apps folders from and zip that up...only problem is that the files will be odexed.
  23. xaelith

    xaelith Well-Known Member

    I've seen a few posts of people having the same issue lately. Try getting the phone into download mode (with the phone off, press and hold IN THIS ORDER the Volume down button, camera button, and power button, then release ONLY the power button when the big "Samsung" appears, and almost immediately, a big green "Warning!" should appear at the top of the screen). If you don't get the warning screen, lemme know.
  24. tejodite

    tejodite Active Member

    i get it from the CTMod post he put it in the second post with others remove apk from system


    i try that too and doesn't work neither but thanks
  25. tejodite

    tejodite Active Member

    that's exacly the apk that i am used but doesn't work with this rom i try with the ctmod and did it works

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