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  1. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!! Moderator

    This thread is for member feedback. Good Deals/Bad Deals let's hear about them.

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  2. ecko no yaro

    ecko no yaro Well-Known Member

    bought from him for 3 phones in 1 buy, HERE
    item shipped, received and tested and appear just as described
    POSITIVE feedback for ChiTownJim
    I highly recommended this guy to anyone who looking to buy phones in this forum. Definitely worth of trying. :)
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  3. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Well-Known Member

    This guy still owes me $50 for the overnight shipping i paid for and now is trying to trade his maxx again for a S3 after flaking on our deal and telling me his phone was stolen.

  4. thenew3

    thenew3 Well-Known Member

  5. juny20

    juny20 Well-Known Member

    +1!!! Traded my Maxx for his Nexus. We negotiated a fair deal for both. He has great communication, we both shipped at the same time insuring and tracking the devices, sent pics of the receipts, etc. Great guy to deal with!!!
  6. 10splaya22

    10splaya22 Well-Known Member

    Would like to warn people about tRobert and Garrett1. I tried to deal with each of them at separate times and sent them money though PayPal. Each deal was for a new Droid Razr Maxx coincidentally...After I sent the money I got different excuses that since their PayPal account was new that they had to wait 21 days to clear. Neither of them could wait that long so I got the money refunded. The problem was they wanted me to send as a gift which is definitely not going to happen given they both joined in early September and have zero feedback. I don't know why they are selling when they won't even accept normal PayPal payments.
  7. Bren S.

    Bren S. Well-Known Member

    The feedback I am leaving involves a member by the name of dtanner. He has had a few items up for sale here on the site.
    I contacted him regarding a listing for brand new AT&T Galaxy S3.
    When I pm'd him he responded wondering which S3 as he had several he was selling.
    I told him the AT&T model and we struck a deal.He then asked me to send him payment to his paypal email address of and to do a "gift payment".
    This I knew was not a good way to do things,but I did some checking and sure enough I would lose all protection is the event things went awry with the purchase.
    I messaged him explaining this and telling him that I would not do it that way.He responded saying that if he did it the normal way he would have to wait 21 to 30 days to get his money.I said ok then I guess I can't get the phone.
    The next day he messaged and said that ok we could do it that way, to which I said ok invoice me clearly stating what I am buying...the conditional...that he is claiming it is brand new and that it has never been activated,as well as his full name and address and phone number.
    He didn't include his name,address,and phone # so I asked for it here on the forums and he gave it to me.
    I paid the agreed on amount late that afternoon.
    The next morning I received notice that he had refunded my money.
    I contacted him numerous times here and at his personal email addy and got absolutely no response whatsoever.
    An explanation at a minimum would've been nice.
    Looking back I can see some definite red flags.
    --why did he have several brand new S3's?
    --he said he was on vacation and wouldn't be home until late that Thursday...yet he had all these items(phones and tablets) and their respective boxes along with him on vacation?
    Bottomline is this guy was looking for gift payments for items he was selling.....then in my case gave in when he realized I was a bit too savvy to not protect my rights and after being paid he refunded and then never ever even gave a reason.
    It should noted as well that I believe a few of these sellers are indeed the same person using multiple member names.I have caught one member listing and item and then another member responding to inquiries on price as if he was the seller.
    For anyone reading this please be aware that according to what info I got via PayPal if you buy something through PayPal but send payment through gift or personal if you do not receive the item,or it is not as described/promised you are out of luck.
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  8. 10splaya22

    10splaya22 Well-Known Member

    This is from member tRobert. Note how the paypal address are the same and how he wanted the payment as a gift...

  9. 10splaya22

    10splaya22 Well-Known Member

    I also want people to be wary of BrettAnders and ElizabethB. Along with the members Garrett1, dtanner, tRobert, and ColtonLane, they ALL have join dates in September or very late August and have around 40-50 posts in that short amount of time they have been members. Along with those similarities, they all have names or names and an initial in their usernames. Someone is making different usernames, posting lots with each one so they look more legit, uploading a decent avatar and listing many high dollar phones. Then only accepting payments as a gift or else they will refund them. I suspect the guy behind all of this also may be changing his IP address since he seems to know a decent amount about Android phones in general.
  10. chris2k5

    chris2k5 Well-Known Member

    ColtonLane is a notorious scammer:

    WTS/WTT: Another scam alert!

    He demands GIFT only payments and has scammed countless others. NEVER USE GIFT ONLY PAYMENTS!

    He tried selling me a Samsung Galaxy S3 and when I sent a payment that was not a gift he refused it. I luckily knew better and just called it off.

    He also said he was going on vacation to get married to his wife. STAY ALERT AND DON'T LOSE MONEY.
  11. Bren S.

    Bren S. Well-Known Member

    Wow looks like Robert aka dtanner aka................had been scamming away over at android central as well according to that link.
  12. chris2k5

    chris2k5 Well-Known Member

    Yes quite a few people have lost their hard earned money which is disappointing. I think it is important the mods keep this scammer out of here for the integrity of this marketplace.
  13. Bren S.

    Bren S. Well-Known Member

    I am glad this section exists for feedback.
    I have given mine here above regarding dtanner and have kept all correspondence in regards to my experience with him, included but not limited to his address, and phone #.
    I trust that the admin is indeed looking into the recent activities of some of the sellers here, and I will leave it at that.
    I am done commenting about it.
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  14. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    The following are permanently banned from our forums -


    (Note to bobcat, may need these in the other sticky, just wanted to post this quickly, let's chat later.)

    We'll be watching for their return. If you think you've spotted them, please use the Report button next to their post, don't confront them in their threads.

    Thanks to all who responded to our private messages and for your ongoing patience here.
  15. ajdroidx

    ajdroidx Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to give props to jmartino5920 as a great buyer! Great communication, smooth transaction all the way across the board. Item sold: Verizon Galaxy Nexus and goodies. Recomended Model buyer.

    Thanks, Jmar!
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  16. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!! Moderator

    I was looking for the link of the sale but couldn't find it. It's always good to read good feedback. Thanks for sharing. :)

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  17. ajdroidx

    ajdroidx Well-Known Member

    I actually did not put a link up for the Nexus. I said it was not getting used in a post and Jmar offered to buy it :)
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  18. Goldchamp

    Goldchamp Grand Admiral VIP Member

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  19. Goldchamp

    Goldchamp Grand Admiral VIP Member

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  20. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!! Moderator

  21. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    I sold a media link to PyroSporker, had a little inconvience on my end. I was getting a pre-order gift from AT&T, Pyro paid immediately then AT&T after a week told me they ran out of stock and I wouldn't be receiving it. Let Pyro know and refunded his money.

    Then out of no where the next week received it anyways, contacted Pyro to see if he was still interested. He paid immediately again with paypal and he got his media link last week.

    Excellent Buyer and anyone would be fortunate to do business with him.
  22. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Very successful deal on an S3 from deekum1627. :)
    Paid for it on Monday and got the phone on Thursday. Packaged great, in the exact condition I expected. Overall, great experience.
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  23. morgankslade

    morgankslade Well-Known Member

    How to edit For Sale price in Title of thread?
    Never mind I got it.
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  24. dibblebill

    dibblebill Well-Known Member

    I can personally attest that jvcjbl is a good person to buy from! Just got something from him myself, A++ :)
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  25. micallen

    micallen Well-Known Member

    I bought a Vzw Galaxy S3 from Legion on April 1, 2014. I just got around to flashing and activating it over the weekend. The phone is great, and the transaction with Legion was perfect.

    Highly recommend !

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