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  1. E92Vancouver

    E92Vancouver Active Member

    Are you able to encrypt the data (i.e. photos, etc.) on the Android's memory card.

    This is a feature of Blackberry. If someone steals your Berry, they can't access the memory card without a password.

  2. CirkDroid

    CirkDroid Well-Known Member

    There are password protection apps that will make them not show in the phones browser though.

    That being said, encryption is bogus.

    It's all about remote wipe! Android supports that with Froyo. Look into it.
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  3. Schwin97

    Schwin97 Well-Known Member

    So does remote wipe work if someone puts your phone in airplane mode?

    I think remote wipe is good and necessary, but I also believe that encryption of the sd card would be great (as long as performance didn't tank). The only problem is that I think this would need to be done within the kernel so that the kernel would have the ability to connect to an encrypted device. I wouldn't doubt that it happens at some point, but I bet it will take some time before it does.
  4. IDrinkV8

    IDrinkV8 New Member

    I was researching that myself, as Windows Mobile 6.5 had an option to encrypt the whole memory card. This is what I found: :: Encrypting partitions using dm-crypt and the 2.6 series kernel

    I was wondering if this will work. Should, since it is supported in current kernels, but I have to wait for root exploit for my Droid 2 yet. With this, everything would be encrypted on the fly, regardles what type of file it is. So if you get this and add locking the phone, you should be set. They can not use the card without phone, and they can not use the phone since it's locked. win-win
  5. Maris

    Maris Well-Known Member

    There is an app called Tasker that allows you to encrypt specific files or folders on your SD card (among many other tasks). The one in the market does not include encryption, but the one available from the developer's web site does include the encryption. While there is a bit of a learning curve, instructions, walkthroughs, examples, and an active forum exist for help learning everything this app does.
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  6. Sounds powerful...

    Tasker for Android

    Can it encrypt/decrypt SD card automatically? I mean, if the SD card is removed from the device, one cannot read the content, but when it's in, the content is visible automatically.
  7. Maris

    Maris Well-Known Member

    Not so sure about that. It wouldn't know the SD card is being removed until it is, and by then it wouldn't be available to encrypt the data. Unless maybe you use a screen off event to always encrypt the card and then a screen on event to unencrypt, but not sure what happens then if the card isn't in the device when you turn it back on and it tries to unencrypt. Best to ask that question on the very active Tasker forum where the developer participates: Tasker | Google Groups.
  8. Rred

    Rred Well-Known Member

    Wired just ran a bit n this. DoD/Darpa has a request out for software that will allow full encryption of the internal and external memory cards with various options.

    There is apparently also a serious push for this from commercial business, as users are using Android and iPhone instead of BBerry and the need for full and transparent encryption of everything in the phone IS HERE.

    You'd think someone like Motorola, who already stepped up and put a fingerprint reader on the Atrix, would fill in the rest of the blanks and add a little intrinsic support for complete encryption, invisible to the user, uncrypting and visible only after a proper phone access (password or biometric).

    This is nothing new--except on this platform. And it should be a solid corporate sales advantage. Remote wipe is nice, but sometimes you just need to keep it secure till you can takeback the phone.


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