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  1. eggbap

    eggbap New Member

    Hi guys, im new here and this my 1st thread, my LG GT540 has like an error and showing a memory card symbol at the top of the screen with an exclamation mark through it, like theres a fault,

    now when i try to access music its saying theres no card whener its actualy in the phone,

    so i tried taking it out and turning on phone and the symbol still there,

    any ideas how i can get my memorycard and phone back to normal,

    NOTE: the slot protector that holds down the m card has broken off today and this is when problems started....

  2. vanessa baker

    vanessa baker New Member

    Iam havein the same problem. With my LG OptimusDynamic tm and and won't save everthing to my sdCard just save all to my phone. plz plz plz help me

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