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  1. coolestrohit

    coolestrohit New Member

    hey guys...I have a memory card that came with my galaxy 3 i 5801.....I gave the phone to the service centre to software reinstall..they did it and when they retuened..i tried putting my card..but the phone wont read it...and now my card is not being is being asked to format..i need the data urgently..please help me out..PLEASE

  2. przem19

    przem19 Member

    I had the same issue, and ended up formatting the card :( Worked for me.

    Try to plug the card directly into your computer and transfer files one by one. You might copy at least some of the data.
  3. acwilson

    acwilson New Member

    Don't just format it! A lot of times this is because of the default ExFAT partition. Simply plug the sdcard into a Windows 7 or 8 computer, once you see a drive letter (again, don't format if prompted) open a command prompt as administrator then run

    CHKDSK F: /F

    (replace F: with the drive letter of the sdcard)

    Check Disk should repair the sdcard partition quickly allowing you to see the data again. Yes, Google really needs to fix this Android problem, seems like it's happening to too many people.
  4. Awais Malik

    Awais Malik New Member

    I had the same problem, too. I just format my memory card in FAT file system and then put it to my android phone, AND NOW IT IS WORKING LIKE A CHARM.. :) :) :)

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