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  1. Bladesfan

    Bladesfan Member

    This samsung w only has 512mb memory. It says i can use a micro sd card up to 32gb.

    If i buy one will apps and music and videos etc... Juat automatically start saving on their once the 512 is full? Thanks

    Edited:- settings says USB stored is 1.70gb (1.67gb free) and device memory is 0.98GB.


  2. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    You certainly are.....I mean confused :p

    Firstly, the 512mB is RAM!!!

    Like this is the Random Access Memory which the CPU uses to execute the apps or programs.....

    It is not used for Storage.....and it changes all the time.....actually, you will find this phone only has 350mB for processing apps.....

    The Graphics Processor uses about 100mB, and the Android System + Samsung Tw users the rest.

    Your SD card is external storage....like a USB hard-drive attached to a PC.

    Our phone also has 2 Internal Memory/Storage...seperate from RAM......

    internal Device memory on the Chip like Motherboard .....1G

    and what Samsung call USB storage or Internal SD...1.7G

    Apps are installed either to Internal Phone Storage or External SD.....if you choose to move apps there!!!!

    You can use App2SD to achieve this during installation or move apps manually in settings/applications/manage apps......

    Apps cannot be moved to Internal USB/SD....

    this is intended for data and pics. etc.....

    Hope this does not confuse further!!!!

    I will help more if required :D
  3. Bladesfan

    Bladesfan Member

    WOW i certainly was confused! LOL
    So i can buy a 32g micro sd card and can save any music and apps on there easily with the app you told me about?
    All seems lot of messing though.
  4. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Messing?? In what way.....

    Which App do you mean?

    Perhaps you can explain what you mean?
  5. Bladesfan

    Bladesfan Member

    By 'app' i was referring to the 'app2sd' that you mentioned.

    By messing about, i mean time consuming rather than it saving on sd automatically.
  6. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Hi.....the App I mentioned just makes it easy to move Apps to your SD.


    It will give a notification when you dl an App which can be moved.....and it only takes a tap to move the App.

    Not all Apps are designed by their devs to be moved, do for those there will be no notification.

    I am just talking about apps above....music and game data etc. are another matter, depending on where you getting it, there will probably be pre defined folders depending on what app you are using, and sometimes this can be changed in app settings.

    If you have any specific music app or method for getting music, just give details.

    But using the Android file system is no more time consuming than other devices.....

    but I just am not sure if we are talking about the same thing :D
  7. RobboW

    RobboW Member

    I found there is more memory for app installation than the phone can successfully run. It runs out of RAM if too much is installed and bogs down. I removed some OS included apps to take a little of the load off it, but would like to take this a little further. Just don't want to ruin functionality by going too far. There is a lot of Sammy bloatware that came with the OS.....

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