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  1. Positive P

    Positive P Well-Known Member

    I thought I had everything on my memory card. Says memory full, need to delete files. Can't text or anything.

  2. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    It can still fill up fast.
  3. kc3

    kc3 Well-Known Member

    Even if you put your apps on sd (by default not all apps can btw) there is still dalvik-cache from the apps so they're still taking up space. If you're rooted you can use Link2SD which can save any app you want to your sd as well as the cache for the apps. You simply need to partition your micro-sd into two fat32 partitions than install link2sd from the market, you can use that app to move your apps to the sd card.
  4. fyugioh

    fyugioh Member

    what is the purpose of two partitions?
  5. Positive P

    Positive P Well-Known Member

    I'm not rooted cuz I have a 2 year warranty that I don't wanna void
  6. nightbreed813

    nightbreed813 Well-Known Member

    one partition is for phone storage the other is for regular sd card storage according to the program discription
  7. kc3

    kc3 Well-Known Member

    Yeah and like I said there is still a cache saved on the phone that unless rooted you cannot move so even though you can store apps on the sd card, it'll still eat up some of the internal memory... Only other solution is to uninstall apps. The cache is what's called the Dalvik-Cache and Dalvik is kind of a Java virtual machine and the cache helps your apps load faster.

    And yes one partition is to store apps on, the rest is treated as if it's normal micro-sd card memory. Link2SD essentially takes that second partition and mounts it elsewhere, than moves the apps to that partition and creates a symbolic link so Android thinks it's on your internal memory even though it's not at all on your internal memory. Technically I don't think the author HAD to set it up this way but it could have many reasons, for one if you mount the sd card in Windows it can only see the first partition, preventing you from editing the second where all the apps are being moved to. In Linux however you can access both partitions.

    There is a script called App2SD (not the same as the one in the marketplace) that actually replaces your data directory with the second partition so all apps are automatically on the sd card however that creates a few problems, for one when in USB mode no apps would run plus it's riskier, Link2SD doesn't really touch your directories except for the new one it makes making it a much safer alternative.
  8. ashton4life

    ashton4life Active Member

    This ROM aospCMod | AOSP 2.3.3 / CM7 (Gingerbread) [03/24/2011] has a built in CyanogenMod settings that give you application settings to allow you to move all your apps to your SD. I see how you could have problems when you go into USB mode. The risk is minimal if you just transfer all the basic apps that are not needed when your in USB mode like for example overclocking apps would not be reccomended but games, video, radio etc would be fine. Dont lose your chip and I wouldnt reccomend booting the phone with out it in the slot but you could remove it while the phone is off. I have like 18 apps and have only used 22 mbs! FYI this rom kicks butt but no BT headset or MMS Receiving but who cares it flys plus it gets you ready for Gingerbread when the update arrives from VM. This Rom is getting updated continously.

    PS. When you start the phone it takes a little bit for the icons to show up if you have alot of start up programs. no biggy!

  9. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    There is also the Apphrodite rom, which has more space for apps than other roms, be sure to read the notes though. Neither will help if you aren't rooted though.
  10. kc3

    kc3 Well-Known Member

    Yep, all options to help with this require rooting, guess he's out of luck on that. Good to know that some custom roms allow moving of all apps though :) I never knew that, I've always used Link2SD, mostly because I can use it on any rom I want including almost any version of Android 1.6 and up. I first started using it on a LG Optimus GT540 with Android 1.6, and again when I upgraded it to 2.1.

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