Memory Issue (microSD) w/ HTC Incredible?General

Is this an issue that I should be worried about?

  1. Yes, this is a deal breaker.

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  1. runsolo

    runsolo Member

    Does anyone have any information about this alleged issue that was pointed out in a post at Android Authority last week?

    Can anybody confirm or debunk that this is a valid issue with the HTC Incredible? I want to purchase one, but this seems like a pretty serious issue if it is represented accurately by AA.


  2. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    Well it's coming with a 2gig card so pretty much problem solved
  3. dvdivx

    dvdivx Well-Known Member

    It will be fixed with 2.2. Until then use the internal 8gb for videos, music, etc.
  4. scarshapedstar

    scarshapedstar Well-Known Member

    It's an easily remedied issue. I gather that they didn't send out SD cards with the review phones. I've heard mixed reports as to whether they're sending out the 2GB cards as promised but all you have to do is put in an SD card...
  5. Scincidae

    Scincidae Active Member

    Currently the internal storage isn't picked up by apps that aren't specifically searching for it. Google is apparently working on a fix for it but for now anyone who purchases an Incredible will get a bonus 2gb micro SD card to hold them over.
  6. jasonb1985

    jasonb1985 Well-Known Member

    exactly. a 2gig card is going to come with it. so problem solved.
  7. Androidoholic

    Androidoholic Well-Known Member

    I have a Trancend 8 gb micro sdhc class 6, got it from newegg for $19 bucks plus shipping. Problem solved for me.
  8. pixie06

    pixie06 Active Member

    I spoke with someone at Verizon tonight and they said on orders from now until 5-31 you can get a free 2gb card free or larger cards at discount price (4gb-$8, 8gb-$20, 16gb-$49, etc...). He said that he got a memo and they are supposed to let you choose what you want to do when you purchase your DI.
  9. jj71787

    jj71787 Member

    where does everyone see it includes a 2gb sd. im on the verizon website and i don't see it
  10. lgldrgdlr

    lgldrgdlr Well-Known Member

    My question is, if you have a phone that was made within in the last few years, do you not already have a micro sd? I would imagine most people do.
  11. Opivyattack

    Opivyattack Well-Known Member

    Ok so this makes me curious. If I believe all of the videos that I have seen on YouTube and what most of the reviews are saying, this thing is freaking fast. This is only with access to the built in RAM/ROM basically as far as the OS goes. Does Linux/Android work like Windows where more available memory will create a small bump in speed? If that is the case, when the 8GB memory plus my 32 GB microSD card are unlocked for the OS to use, is it possible that this thing could get even faster?
  12. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Well-Known Member

    under accessories, there another thread about it...
  13. hornyhippo

    hornyhippo Well-Known Member

    "Limited Introductory Offer" what's that mean, I ordered on april 19 would I get free microsd card? I can really use that card for a usb flash drive.
  14. confluence

    confluence Well-Known Member

    It sounds like Astro and other programs will have to see an update.
  15. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Well-Known Member

    I "think" that anyone who ordered online will receive it...

    I saw a thread about one of the phone order guys that got a incredible last week that they did not include them in those shipments... He called up to complain and supposedly VZW is shipping him one free of charge...
  16. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    1. How is the problem solved by giving people a paltry 2gb card? Must be some serious text-only folks saying this ;)
    2. Apparently, it needs to be fixed by HTC, since it is a mapping issue. If this is correct, app devs will not be able to fix it themselves. (not long to see if this is correct or not).
    3. Either HTC and Verzion dropped the ball testing the memory, or they intended it to be this way. Which is it? If the latter, they will not be fixing it.
    4. HTC/ Verizon apparently knew the problem ahead of time, since Adroid Authority reports that is why the Amazon MP3 app was not shipped with Incredible.

    The advantage of apps seeing it is you could then use the internal flash as space for apps that need it: Maps, browsers, dictionaries, game emulators, game apps that put data on external cards, etc. You could then use the microsd card as a media card and not worry about removing it and making other apps mentioned above, not work correctly.


    "Problem solved" perspective only condones HTC and Verizon's screw-up. The very reason they added the card was to place a band-aid on this problem. They know they are about to get hit with CS calls in regards to this.

    They took a great feature and gimped it. Question is did they screw up or map it this way by design? Probably a screw up.

    BTW, this is not Google's problem and they have their hands full enough dealing with Nexus issues (a device VZW no longer wants). This is an HTC and Verizon problem. They may have failed to correctly map ("link" is probably a better word than map- I hope) the space.
  17. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, problem solved by handing out free 2GB-class2 microSD cards @ $2 a pop, tops? Problem solved would be if they handed out 8GB or more. Because you paid $200 + 2YR plan data (@ $720) and all they can give is a POC $2 microSD card? I love how they're calling it a "promotional" and everybody is like, "Yay, problem solved!" Brainwashed, people! How is the problem solved if you go out and drop even another $20 on a microSD card? That's $20 more than you should have spent!

    It likely is an HTC issue due to mapping. The fact that it's labeled /emmc and not /sdcard signals that it is a decision that HTC made. Further, if you did add an SD card, how would the system know to distinguish the two other than renaming the path? So, that's what they did. But because it's LIKE an sdcard, there will be no apps going to that memory until Google figures out how to encrypt data to that memory (to stem potential piracy issues).

    I think Verizon played some part in ensuring the quality of the phone, for example, making sure they shipped without the multi-touch issues of the touchscreen. However, I don't think they would have thought of checking to see if the multitude of apps on the market would work with the memory card. It's sufficient enough to make sure that it works with the apps that it ships with. So, I wouldn't say VZW dropped the ball. I would fault HTC for not thinking up a better way for internal memory. Why not add more flash ROM?

    What this does signal is the further fragmentation of the platform. Now some devices will be shipped with internal memory (not useful for anything but storing your media). And now, the onus will fall upon the shoulders of developers to re-write/update their apps in order to read/write info to /emmc or the /sdcard. But if a phone has both, when does the app do which?

    What is GREAT about the internal memory is that if you choose to ROOT your Incredible, storing apps to this memory has the potential of being faster in transfer rates than a typical external SD card application. But yeah, don't fool yourself into thinking that paying for an SD card or getting some cheapy $2 card is "problem solved." They just weaseled their way out of giving you your 8GB of media+app data storage (not app storage, app data).
  18. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I am "afraid" you are correct, that there is no way it can be accessed by third party apps. It is basically media memory (very lame). I posted about a week ago that the problem could be that since part of the space is allocated to the OS, the remaining 6.6gb is mapped the same way (but not allocated). Hence, it is basically media space for OS based apps.

    The key thing that interested me about this device was the space and the expected ability to use the space for dictionaries, game roms, downloads, browser cache and big games that load data to the card.

    Then the microsd could be used for media-only and swapped (one card MP3 and another with movies).

    They would have been better served just to allocate the entire space for apps. What they did is half-a$$ed.

    Androidheadlines reports HTC and Verizon knew it and that is why the sweet Amazon mp3 app was not shipped with it. Cartman level lame.

    Barring a miracle, devs will probably not be able to access the space, since Google aint' down with that.


    I agree, in why not just allocate all of the 8gb flash to the framework, since you need a microsd card anyways for third part apps to work. Unless they thought people would not install apps..... nah ;)

    Yes, this does add to the OS fragementation and virtually assures more lag for OS updates. Rooting may not be as simple on Incredible, so we will need to wait and see if the XDA community can "fix" the poor design decision.

    Does people not appreciate how silly this is? They market the 8gb of space, but you STILL have to get a microsd card. Just the text-only people will use the LAME 2gb card.
  19. runsolo

    runsolo Member

    This is all great feedback. Thank you all so much! I think I'll probably wait a week or two after the HTC Incredible release to make my decision. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get some feedback from HTC and/or VZW via twitter. Imagine my surprise that I have received zero responses to date...
  20. XxICEMAN720xX

    XxICEMAN720xX Well-Known Member

    problem is we are having problems getting access to the external 2gb microSD card via usb thru pc... so maybe VZW or Android can come up with a fix
  21. crashdogy

    crashdogy Well-Known Member

    I have an 8gb card in my HTC, and can get to both the 8gb and the 6gb on the phone with the usb. Did you load HTC sync? When phone is connected to pc did you sync it in drive mode ? Did you format and mount SD ?
  22. XxICEMAN720xX

    XxICEMAN720xX Well-Known Member

    Some people explain they have loaded HTC Sync and still are not able to connect- After loading HTC Sync it still says "Enter Installation CD" for example. I'll find the poster- gimme a sec
  23. XxICEMAN720xX

    XxICEMAN720xX Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] Today, 07:54 PM #1 (permalink) fish2587

    Join Date: Mar 2010
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    [​IMG] Connecting to PC PLEASE HELP!
    I have searched the forum and tried the solutions given and to no avail can I get my computer (Windows Vista) to download the drivers for the Incredible. Every single time it asks for a CD which I obviously don't have. This is driving me crazy. Does anybody have any recommendations? The phone charges when it's connected so I know it's at least recognizing that the phones attached, it just can't download the drivers necessary.

    I also have HTC Sync downloaded and it doesn't do anything, just says disconnected. Any advice!? This phones amazing and I just want to take full advantage of it!:mad:

    [​IMG] Today, 08:23 PM #3 (permalink) fish2587

    Join Date: Mar 2010
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    Tried both. Nothing like you said in the curtain when i pull it down, and downloaded the mount app, enabled it, and still nothing. still looks for the hardware and asks me to insert a CD. this is ridiculous:(
  24. crashdogy

    crashdogy Well-Known Member

    I wounder if they download HTC sync because setup file is on the phone. it's not on the wedsite for HTC Icrd, phones. It did not ask me for any cd.
  25. Life2PointOhh

    Life2PointOhh Member

    Dogy, I'm tuning in late to this thread & admittedly a bit freaked by some of the posts, tho you seem to have a handle on this. Maybe this will be a Duh question when I unbox the Inc tomorrow, but could you post links/instructions for the 3 suggestions you made; loading HTC sync and how to format the SD card? And what is "drive mode"?

    I had the Eris for only a couple of weeks but ditched it within the 30 waiting for the Incredible, so am admittedly lame... Thanks man...

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