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Memory Issues - Help PleaseSupport

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  1. palawalla

    palawalla New Member

    Hi all, may name is Paula, I am new to the forum. My myTouch 3G slide is giving me a low memory message. After deleting most of the (few) apps I have installed, I noticed that "Internet" was using 66 + MB. After clearing cache, history, and pretty much everything I could find the memory use of "Internet" increased to 73 + MB.

    Anyone know what I can do to fix this? My husband has the same phone, more apps and "Internet" takes 7 or 8 MB. He doesn't use the internet as much as me.

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

  2. kadams161

    kadams161 Active Member

    get advanced task killer pro. great app
    also get apps2sd and move all possible apps to sd card
  3. palawalla

    palawalla New Member

    Thanks for your recommendations. The problem magically cleared up this morning. I may go ahead and get an app killer. Apps2sd is for a newer version than I have. Although, I now have only two apps (not pre-installed) left on my phone that are relatively small. Now that "Internet" magically corrected itself, I have 80 or 90 MB available.

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