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  1. MorganDoll

    MorganDoll New Member

    Okay so I got this phone 2-3 weeks ago, the past week it just started saying that my phone storage is low and then if I get a text it will say that my message memory is full when I've already deleted all my texts.

    I'll go through and "force close" apps that are open and get nothing. I have nothing really saved on the phone prefering to have everything stored on my SD card.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  2. woodgtrplyr

    woodgtrplyr Member

    You should install apps2sd in the market and move some of your apps to the sd card. If you have installed apps they take up internal memory. Moving them to sd card saves you space.
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  3. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

    Ii tried that 'apps2sd' ... one heck of a lot less clumsy & much more user friendly than the management google interface..good call

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