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Memory questionnaire (mental health tool)

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  1. Feridoun

    Feridoun New Member


    Can anyone make an app based on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment tool?

    It's a questionnaire commonly used by psychiatrists to test memory function for people with .e.g Alzheimers.


  2. DroidVish

    DroidVish Member

    Hi Feridoun, I can try and help you out if you provide more details about Montreal Cognitive Assessment and your requirements from the app as an user.
  3. Feridoun

    Feridoun New Member

    Hi there, thanks

    The test itself is available on this website The Montreal Cognitive Assessment

    As you will see it involves the patient doing some drawings which are obviously not easily possible on a device.

    However, if the app simply contains the instructions and questions in a very clear and easy way, and with a simple way to record the scores - it would be useful tool for the person conducting the test to explain it to the patient; record the scores; and tally them at the end.

    Let me know what you think.
  4. DroidVish

    DroidVish Member

    The link you have given is a good starting point for the app, I will go through that and get back to you with more queries about other requirements
  5. DroidVish

    DroidVish Member

    Hey, I went through the document, a quick question .. are you sure you want a android based tool working on your android device, or would you prefer to have a windows based software which you can install on your laptop
  6. DroidVish

    DroidVish Member

    Hi, Are you still looking for something like this?

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