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  1. throck

    throck New Member

    I have an Acer Iconia Tab A200. It supposed to have 8 GB of ROM and 1 GB of RAM.
    I bought it as a refurbished unit. I have just received it back from warranty repair for the second time.
    When I go into Settings, About tablet, Device Information, it reports 8 GB of ROM and 1 GB of RAM. That is what I expect.
    I do not have an SD card installed.
    When I go into Settings, Storage, under INTERNAL STORAGE it reports Total Space of 5.20GB and Available of 4.92GB. Some of the 5.2GB is taken up with Apps, Audio and Misc. It looks to be about right amount to account for the difference in Total Space and Available. It only has the stuff on it that it came with.
    I would expect Total space to be 8GB not 5.20GB. Before it went back to warranty repair last time this is the reason it went. They told me over the phone and later in email that it was defective and they were sending me a replacement unit. Not sure they did.
    Would some of you check your units to see what the above readings look like and respond?
    Is something is going on that I do not understand?


  2. Mrhelper

    Mrhelper Well-Known Member

    The first 2.8GB of your a200 is taken up by the operating system ROM image, some other space used by the OS , and file system overhead. What you are seeing is completely normal.
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  3. throck

    throck New Member


    Thanks for the info. I will rest easier now.


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