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memory upgradeSupport

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  1. devizes18193

    devizes18193 Well-Known Member

    is it possable to upgrade the internal memory at all

  2. vodafone845

    vodafone845 Member

    I think memory upgrade are phone softwere upgrade form 2.1 in to 2.2 or 2.3 .
  3. devizes18193

    devizes18193 Well-Known Member

    no i mean the internal memory is it ugradeable in the same way as you can with a pc
  4. FlippingDave

    FlippingDave Member

    As in hard drive - Yes you can insert upto 16GB Micro SDHC Card.
    As in RAM - Not sure.
  5. vodafone845

    vodafone845 Member

    You can upgrade micro sd card as mobile RAM?

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