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  1. shaylakay2007

    shaylakay2007 Member

    I am new the forums so bare with me please! I have a rooted Lg Vortex, and I love it. However, as we all know the vortex does not have the best internal memory. This was my first time rooting a phone and I have moved as much to the memory card as possible (that I think I can be moved safely anyhow) I have about 67.87 mb left internally.

    I guess I am wondering, specifically LG Vortex (please) how else can I free up a bit more memory? Should I partition my SD card? What size SD card should I truly have in the phone? (I have 2 gb that came with it from ebay)

    I guess I just want answers to questions from people have the same phone, or know more than I do ! :) Thanks!

  2. Narut0

    Narut0 Well-Known Member

    67 mb internal free memory is actually not too bad.

    Easiest answer for you, is to get Titanium Backup, and remove the bloatware that you don't need. I have deleted the following, without experiencing any freezing or lockups:

    City ID
    V Cast Apps
    V Cast Music
    V Cast Tones
    V Cast Videos
    VZ Navigator

    If you get Titanium Backup but don't feel comfortable deleting stuff, try freezing it first, and then use your Vortex as you normally do for a few days to see if anything is affected.

    I looked into partitioning the SD card but for this phone, it seems like too much hassle for too little improvement. I am using the stock 2 gb card that it came with. Bigger SD card is always better though, in my opinion.

    As always, what you do to your phone is your responsibility. I am merely giving suggestions. If your phone is bricked, it is no one's fault but your own.

    Have you installed a custom recovery and done a nandroid backup yet?
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  3. shaylakay2007

    shaylakay2007 Member

    I have backed up the phone. I use bloat freezer and titanium back up. Along with link2SD. The phone runs great with all that I have deleted thus far. I bought the phone for cheap on ebay, and oddly enough it's in amazing condition and still came with the SD card. (I am a used phone junkie).

    I thought the same thing about the partitioning of the memory card. That's why I asked. I didn't want to go into all that work for nothing, you know? I have moved all my game type apps and other apps to the sd card so mainly the regular running system apps are the only thing left on the phone.

    I try to keep my phone in the 60 mb range so I know I have internal memory left. I love the phone, minus the memory. Since you replied, what is the best keyboard for it? I have tried thumb, swype, and stock but do not like any of them for this particular phone. I find them to be a bit laggy, any suggestions?

    I have not installed custom recovery, what is that?
  4. Narut0

    Narut0 Well-Known Member

    Custom recovery is in case the phone completely freezes, and won't boot back up if you turn it off and back on again. Usually just hangs on the LG screen that first shows up when you turn it on.

    You'd know if you had it, you have to run a few scripts to get it installed, and then press a sequence of buttons on bootup to get into the recovery menu. I believe you can google "all in one recovery vortex" and there should be a thread with our exact model. Be careful and make sure you follow instructions down to every last detail.

    I don't know all the technical details, but it does a sort of save state on the phone, so if you do end up screwing it up too much that it won't boot up, you can rewind the clock to your last recovery that you've saved. If you install a custom recovery, you will then have the ability to overclock the Vortex, which is nice. I've done it to mine.

    Mine is usually ~475 mb, which is saved on the SD card. With a 2 gig SD card that is a big chunk.

    As far as keyboard, I actually use the stock android, no frills keyboard. I don't trust auto-correct either, just plain old fashioned tapping it out.

    HOWEVER, Amazon App Store has a free app of the day offering, I got a few from there and tried it out. Today is free original Angry Birds!
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  5. Narut0

    Narut0 Well-Known Member

    Maybe using stock with no auto-correct will make it a little faster, since it has to dig into its database to figure out what you are typing.

    Or maybe overclocking will help out too if you like auto-correct. You should definitely try to run a nandroid backup, since you are rooted.
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  6. shaylakay2007

    shaylakay2007 Member

    I wont lie the only reason I rooted was for memory space. The phone is awesome and I don't mess a whole lot with the excess deleting and such. I got this phone for a temp until December so if it crashes no biggie. Now I am just working with keyboard and launchers but I may just stick with stock! Thanks for your help :)

    Sent from my Vortex

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