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  1. alqabtan

    alqabtan New Member

    in Specifications


    • User Memory: 8GB (RAM: 768MB)
    • External Memory: Support MicroSDHC™ Card (up to 32GB)
    but I can see 2 GB only and I can't move any app to sd card
    I need help
    how can I move app to sd card
    how can I see my memory 8GB not 2 GB

  2. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    When you have bought an sd card insert it in your phone. Next go to settings -> applications -> modify applications ( second option, not sure how to translate it) -> tap the on sd-card tab

    Now you see a list of your applications with a 'V' or no 'V' next to it, those with a 'V' are installed on your sd card. For installing the no 'V' applications on your sd card, tap the app and select move to sd card.

    There is an app called app2sd which does the job automatically.

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