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  1. sigrun

    sigrun New Member

    Shortly after updating to the newest software om my 4 month old Xperia Arc the memorycard stopped working. It wont connect to the phone even after turning of and on the phone several times with and without the memorycard in the phone. The message from the phone is that the memorycard is unavailable. Now I`v lost all my photoes and the camera doesn`t work. I`v searched this forum, the SE support-forum and google, but I cant find that anyone else writes about the same problem.
    I have`nt tried to "repair" the phone or go back to fabric-setup because I hope to solve the problem without loosing all my contacts. Without memorycard I cant take a backup.... What can I do?

  2. sigrun

    sigrun New Member

    The problem is now solved! Since the phone didnt recognize the memory card it was not possible to transfer the content of the memory card through the phone to the computer. I therefore had to buy a device that could read memory cards and transfer it directly to the computer. That worked well. From the computer I deleted a lot of photoes on the memory card. When I thereafter tried the memory card in the phone it worked perfectly. So the problem was that the memory card was full, but it was nothing I could do about it without buying an external device.
  3. william0216

    william0216 Member

    did you try unmount SD card and mount it again?

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