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  1. thematrix

    thematrix Active Member

    The "Menu", "Back" and "Search" buttons are not working for some reason? The "Home" button is the only one that works. I'm talking about the hard buttons on the bottom of the phone. This started today. Tried removing the battery and restarting the phone and that didn't seem to work either. Any suggestions?

    Now Droid X not booting at all. Just stays on the "M" and nothing happens. Tried the Power button with home key press to get to recovery and nothing.

    ***Update-Got the X to at least boot up for now, where my wife is able to use it on her trip. Verizon sending a replacement out should be here next week or so.

  2. ericnail

    ericnail Well-Known Member

    Glad it worked out.

    Yah i was going to say, get a replacement for sure... you def. Got one of the defective phones :O
  3. thematrix

    thematrix Active Member

    It was really strange. She started having problems with the "back" button yesterday and today the only button that would work was the "Home" button. Then after the battery was removed and replaced it would not boot up anymore. Tried to get to the recovery menu, but "home" key would not work when booting. I'm glad we got it to where it did boot up, most things function, she can enjoy her trip and her new phone will be here waiting for her when she gets back.
  4. Stirfry001

    Stirfry001 Member

    I just had the exact same problem. Back button stopped responding and then shortly after the Menu, Back and Search buttons quit. Now only the Home button works. My phone then froze and when I did a battery pull it stayed in the boot window with just the M showing. I left for about 5 min and still nothing. Did another battery pull and back to the boot screen.....I left it for almost an hour before it finally started up. Touchscreen works fine, Home button works, Other 3 still no response. Guess I'll be heading to the V-Store tomorrow to see what I can do.
  5. mellorwd

    mellorwd New Member

    I'm having this same issue. Replacement the only option? The phone has been fine for 6 months and this all of a sudden. Grr!
  6. dbacksfan

    dbacksfan New Member

    Same issue just happened to me -buttons at bottom not working except for "home" button. M on screen for looonnnggg time if I reboot. Also, my ringer volume keeps adjusting itself all the way down, and then vibrates for 5-30 seconds. Anyone had that happen? My phone has been great since day 1 about a year and a half ago, and I don't have insurance cuz I take good care of my phone. No fixes out there? Thx!
  7. sophiechase

    sophiechase New Member

    Not sure if this helps all x users with button problems but I just discovered that all my button issues were caused by my case. I have a droid x (1) which has a camera button on the side of the phone. I recently bought a new hard case to replace my old one which had broken. Specifically I got the "shell/hoster combo with kickstand". What I just realized is that this combo case unit is for the X version 2 which does not have the opening to allow for the exposure of the camera button. That is because the X 2 phone does not have this button. So I tested it over and over. Every time I have the phone in the case the buttons do not work and every time I remove the phone from the case the buttons work just fine. Then I held down the camera button and tried to use the buttons on the front and they in fact do not work. I then put a soft case on the phone and the buttons work fine. So check your case to see if it is interfering. Hope this helps somebody. Technology really sucks when its not doing what its supposed to.:)
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  8. katore8105

    katore8105 New Member

    sophiechase, I had fooled around with my Droidx for the better part of a week trying to figure out what was wrong and was just about to ditch it and upgrade. However I use Page Plus so I pay out of pocket. Your control worked for me exactly the same. I would never have imagined the case. I own an automotive service center so the fix was as easy as a small grinder wheel to the case to cut in a slot for the phone button.

    I greatly appreciate you posting your solution!

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