Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth & Moto Droid?

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  1. DoodleD

    DoodleD Well-Known Member

    I will try to ask this the best I can.... Is anyone else using a Moto Droid with Mercedes Benz bluetooth? The problem I'm experiencing is since version 2.1 update last week, the bluetooth no longer syncs my contacts. Actually, it syncs most of my contacts but seems to be choosy on which contacts to carry over. As an example, if I remove or add a contact manually, it may or may not sync it? Some times it does and sometimes it doesn't. On top of that, the contacts that is does sync, when you click on the name through the directory of the car's contact list, it shows that contacts name 5-8 times. I can't figure out a pattern on what's going on.

    Prior to the 2.1 update, all worked well and sync'd with no problem. This is not a phone problem as I have tried the same model phone with the same version operating system and had the same problem. I also tried these same phones on another S class and that car duplicates the same problems.

    Anyone else experiencing this and is there a fix?

    Thank you!

  2. I tested my Droid with someone's Benz as he was told the Droid was completely incompatible with his car by the dealer or someone. Only connected for a few minutes but the entire contact list was duplicated. This was prior to 2.1

    Everything did actually work but the duplicates issue was there. Not sure if there's a fix or what as it was just a quick test but just out of curiosity, is it really duplicates or is it an individual entry for the same name but different numbers, email addresses etc?
  3. DoodleD

    DoodleD Well-Known Member

    It is definitely a duplicate. I was told on an MB forum that each time you sync, it copies the name again. I don't believe this is the case because I cleared it all out and had it the first time it sync'd.
  4. Yah, not sure what to say really. Just that there were issues prior to 2.1...
  5. Bobt43

    Bobt43 New Member

    Since doing the upgrade to 2.3.3 I have lost the ability to access my contact list through Blue Tooth in my Mercedes. I called Verizon and they were not able to offer any advise. I was told "maybe" the next upgrade would address the problem.
  6. i2blong

    i2blong New Member

    I can pair my Evo4G, but I can not see the contacts in the BT display in this car, no matter what I try.. Mercedes says its the phone, Sprint/HTC say its the car.. I have been at this a month, and if anyone has a solution , please advise. Frustrating to have a 3 year lease, and not be able to make a call through the car. :mad::mad:
  7. Kel108

    Kel108 Member

    I was reading this post as I have the Motorola Droid Rarz and I could pair with my 2007 ML320 CDI but the address book was not transfering. After reading an number of posts I thought to reboot my phone and everything transfered fine - that is I can see the contacts in the display - may even have some additionaly funcationality - choosing between address book of numbers or names...

    My droid rarz has bluetooth 4.0 and android 2.3.5

    I activated my phone 3 days ago (first droid) phone - for the most part I really like it....(came from an HTC Touch Pro 2 windows mobile 6.5.3)
  8. Kel108

    Kel108 Member

    I guess I spoke too soon - while I did get the contacst to display it only happened once...not sure why it would work once and not again.
  9. Kel108

    Kel108 Member

    Just updated my Motorola Droid Razr to Ice Cream Sandwich - I paired my phone with my 2007 ML 320 CDI with the blue tooth puck and wow it works. The whole address book is uploaded to the car and I can now scroll through the address book and see details on placed and received calls as well. None of these features worked with the older version of android operating system even though it had bluetooth 4.0. Very pleased to have this feature back.

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