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merge contacts with googleSupport

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  1. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    how do i merge a phone contact with google account and still retain it on the phone?
    everytime i merge a contact it deletes it from my phone

  2. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately that's what merge does. It merges similar contact into ONE. If you want to put your contacts into google, just go to accounts and try syncing instead.

    Alternatively, export the contacts into a CSV file, merge it then import back as phone contacts.

  3. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    if i create csv file and import back i get all my contacts back on phone
    i just want to keep one contact on phone
  4. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    If you just want one contact, then just merge and create that contact again as a phone contact.... Don't understand your concern

  5. icedtea

    icedtea Well-Known Member

    not advisable. saving in your SIM CARD is still the best. . so if you screw the phone memory.. your SIM contact is still updated. . .
  6. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    U mean create a brand new contact on the phone?
  7. libertytoday

    libertytoday Active Member

    not sure if this will help but i imported all my contacts to my gmail account, this then imported them to the phone.

    now when i change or update on the phone it updates on gmail on the web
  8. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member


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