[Merit] [ROM] BLUE STEEL v2.0.777--777 Kernel + TouchNav, all versions, all setups [ROM]

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  1. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    BLUE STEEL v2.0.777
    777Mhz Overclocked Kernel
    TouchNav System Recovery Utility



    TouchNav System Recovery Utility (both ext and vfat versions)
    777Mhz Overclocked Kernel with ext4 and swap support
    Blue Steel Themed
    init.d scripting
    custom cpu management--never go below 777mhz--user customizeable
    dalvik-cache relocated to /dev
    optimized for space
    minimal ram usage
    best, custom, system apps

    Install one and done!!!

    And all of this in only one update package file!!!
    And it installs on any setup--any model, any version, any recovery!!!

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage that may or may not result from the use of this rom or kernel. You are responsible for what happens to your device. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.




    (remember to rename to update.zip if installing on stock recovery)

    *wipe your data before you install. you can try to just delete your dalvik-cache, but if rom fails to boot then wipe all userdata and install again*

    **first boot will hang at ZTE logo for nearly a minute sometimes. this is normal**

    ***all boots will be long because of the dalvik relocation and rebuild and because it is deodexed***

    BLUE STEEL v2.0.770 with TouchNav System Recovery Utility (ext)

    BLUE STEEL v2.0.770 with TouchNav System Recovery Utility (vfat)



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  2. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    reserved space
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  3. zajchik

    zajchik Well-Known Member

    stayboogy, I see that you were very valuable, and have
    made a lot of good things. I was not able to
    try your rom because it does not work in
    Europe. Are you able to pass me, only the
    kernel, or better yet make a euro version of
    BLUE STEEL V2.0.
    Btw your kernel to 800mhz is great.
    Therefore I am very interested to try this
  4. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    did you wipe your data before you installed the rom? if not, that's why it failed most likely. you have to wipe your data before you install--or at least the dalvik-cache, but it's best to delete it all.

    give me a link to an untouched stock nandroid of your european version and i'll see what i can do.

    i'll be releasing a kernel only installer shortly
  5. zajchik

    zajchik Well-Known Member

    Actually ROMs based on merit and avail U.S. stock ROMs work on roamer, but in Europe they do not work SMS.
    Everything else is great and functional. That's why there are special Euro ROMs MH-1.0e(Motorhead) and SFe-1.0 (jamespfassett) made on the basis vip serbija and vivo Brazil, because they are working on SMS in Europe. And that's the only reason.
    link for vip Serbian stock rom
  6. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    give me a real link,

    not some adware crap and i'll whip something up sometime
  7. zajchik

    zajchik Well-Known Member

    All links I had are dead. I only have this,
    ZTE Corporation Serbian. Nothing more I
    can find.
    Serbia - ZTE Corporation
  8. Dandroid1979

    Dandroid1979 Member

    Great job stayboogy!! I'm having a problem however. Whenever my phone goes into sleep mode I have to do a battery pull and reboot the phone. Perhaps you could help me figure this out. I'm using a ZTE Merit and I tried both versions of this rom.
  9. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    i am aware of the issue, but

    no, you don't have to do a battery pull

    it's because of the overclocking in the kernel. when it goes to sleep, hit your back button and usually the screen will come back on. if that doesn't work, hit the back key and then the power key.

    there is no way to fix this completely that i am aware of though.
  10. Senew

    Senew New Member

    vFat File

    I placed the extracted contents into a folder I created on the SDcard in the CWM's backup folder.

    Booted to CWM
    Wiped user data
    Wiped cache
    Wiped dalvic cache
    restored BlueSteel970 from the backup of CWM

    Received MD5 sum Mismatch error

  11. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    read the first post.

    this is a ROM NOT A NANDROID

    you install the zip
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  12. Dandroid1979

    Dandroid1979 Member

    Thanks stayboogy, i'm gonna give it another shot right now. This ROM looks great!
  13. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    i'm trying to work on making it more stable but it's not happening

    you may want to wait until i get another version up. only it won't be oc'd so high

    the 800 kernel did the same thing just not as much

    i think it has something to do with the gpu and libs but i'm not positive at this point.
  14. Dandroid1979

    Dandroid1979 Member

    Good deal man. I'll def be looking forward to the next version.
  15. zajchik

    zajchik Well-Known Member

    I installed your rom (EXT version), but I had a lot of problems.
    1.On the first boot, I had two FC (android keyboard, VD Client).
    2.ROM is not recognized my ext partition. (1 GB)
    I tried to solve it so I made ​​a format and make new ext partition, but after that I had a bootloop and had to create a restore.
    In fact I came to know him better test.
    I wiped data fectory reset,wiped cesh partition,and delvic cesh.
    Any idea why the rom does not recognize partition?
  16. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    first and foremost, there is nothing wrong with the rom. NOTHING. i've tested it thoroughly.

    secondly, why are you still trying to use an American rom on a European device when you have already said once that it didn't work???

    i'd say that is your problem. not the rom.
  17. zajchik

    zajchik Well-Known Member

    Sorry if I broke down, the average performance of your rom. But I said that the only problem in European phones, is dysfunctional SMS . Everything works perfectly. I've tried a lot of ROMs Motorhead, James, Anthony, out of ideas, and all the sms was the only problem.
    I'm not in one word, I did not say that your rom is not good, but I'm wondering, is there a possibility that I'm wrong in the installation of the Rom.
    Ok I will not bother you more, by trying your roms.Tasting your ROMs will no longer happen.
    Sorry again.
  18. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    well do what you want.

    all i know is that the rom is fine. there's nothing in it that would effect your keyboard in any way.

    also, there has been nothing changed about this rom or kernel that would effect whether or not it would see your ext partition.

    the things you say are problems are not related to the rom at all because it has no bearing on those things that i can see.

    that's what i'm telling you.

    let me say this--95% of the time people complain and moan about something being wrong or not working, it's because of USER ERROR and not the dev or the rom / kernel's fault.

    and in my experience, people's complaints have been because they generally just don't know what the hell they are doing in the first place.

    and another thing is that you can threaten not to use my stuff all you want--i really don't care. you're not a customer and you aren't paying me to use my products that i've spent HUNDREDS of hours developing. i release this stuff out of kindness so that others can enjoy them--not because i care one way or the other what you or anyone else thinks of them or me.

    complaining and threatening will not get you anywhere with me.
  19. Dandroid1979

    Dandroid1979 Member

    I've been using this ROM for 2 days now and the new kernel works great. The ROM itself has a good feel to it. So far this is my favorite out there. I'm having no issues with fc's or the lockscreen. Looking forward to more of your work Stayboogy. Job well done!
  20. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

  21. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    rom and links updated
  22. redfield88

    redfield88 Well-Known Member

    Having some issues flashing this ROM.

    TouchNav Recovery flashed fine. One thing I did notice though, is when charging while the phone is off the "Battery Animation" is missing a few frames of it's animation. The first two to be precise. Instead it shows a black square for the first two animation sequences, then after it shows the normal "charging icon".

    As for the ROM, it bootloops at your custom ZTE Logo replacement. I thought at first it was simply due to the dalvik-cache init.d script(Since it slows down the boot), however I waited for over 30+ mins and it went no further. I'd say it's a possible corrupt download, however, I don't think TouchNav would've installed if that were the case.

    And before any "You didn't do this right" speech, Trust me I flash custom roms and and my nandroids on a daily basis. I know the procedure to do so. I wiped the /data and dalvik cache before installing the zip. The only thing I didn't do was rename it to update.zip, seeing how I don't use a stock recovery. Also, I am using the EXT ROM since my sd-ext partition is ext2. Would appreciate your thoughts StayBoogy.

    I'm not claiming your ROM doesn't work Stayboogy, because it obviously does. I'm simply stating for an unknown reason it isn't working on my Merit. I tried downloading it when I got home a few times by pc and moving it to the sd card. Each download bootloops on me. I'll try renaming to update.zip, but I am highly doubtful it's that simple. :p
  23. Motorhead1991

    Motorhead1991 Well-Known Member

    Stayboogy, to get away with higher OC, try bumping the voltage table up a little. Also, look at the kgsl and gpu stuff, maybe they need a bump as well. Too low causes instability. Too high causes excessive drain.
  24. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    firstly, sorry you're experiencing issues...


    it has to be something on your end i'm sure because i've flashed this dozens of times without issue and i don't post the links until i've verified it installs just fine.

    every boot will hang for a few moments at the kernel logo, and it will take some time to boot past the animation--this is all normal

    as for the charging animation, i've never seen this and it doesn't happen on my test phone with this installed that i can see right now

    there is no bootloop that you speak of either.

    if you're still having issues after redownloading and reinstalling, then you need to check the log in /cache/recovery/ and see what it says.

    it sounds like you're nand has bad blocks which will cause these kinds of issues and which are not possible to correct--at least that i know of at this time.

    ps. i just downloaded the file and installed it just fine and it finished booting just fine and everything is operational...

    if i need to make a video i will...

    MD5 A91E1B9B245273EC5643625D52E7300E

    CRC32 82050745

    SHA-1 0DE034FF1E98CFDB7FD2DFA0107707007E7A57CF
  25. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    well, i've actually gotten it to 1ghz, but the gpu can't handle it and it will not resume from sleep at this high of a frequency

    i know all too well how to OC it in the kernel source, that's not the issue at all my friend. if you recall i've release both the 800 and the 970 versions before finalizing on this one...

    799Mhz is the highest it can go and still be stable at screen timeout and resume, and i've personally decided that i'm not going to release anything higher than 777 because i don't want to hear any whining and complaining from everyone when they can't get their phones to resume from sleep.

    even at 800Mhz to get the gpu to resume from sleep is tricky. in the end it's just not worth it.

    past 1Ghz the phone will barely make it through the boot animation before cutting itself off--even with panic turned off in the kernel options

    as far as tweaking the gpu goes though, that's something i'm not quite sure can be done properly, but i could be wrong. pm me if you have some suggestions and i'll check it out whenever i get some free time.

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