[Merit] Rooted ZTE Merit- no phone service??

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  1. Captbryan

    Captbryan Member

    Hello folks, I successfully rooted my ZTE Merit phone yesterday and I'm loving it (thanks stayboogy). However, I'm sure I f'd (messed) something up! I've lost my phone service. Every time I go to call settings or try to make a call, I get msg: process.com.android settings has stopped inexpectedly. I then have to force close. I'm sure it is simple and no I did not make back-up before root, but I did after root. Thanks for any help!!!

  2. redfield88

    redfield88 Well-Known Member

    Eh. Have a MicroSD reader? If so download Stayboogy's stock rom.
    http://androidforums.com/merit-all-...ight-talk-merit-rom-fresh-out-box-rooted.html place it onto your SD card where the CWM nandriods go. (SD Card/clockwordmod/recovery/)

    Put your SD card back into your phone and boot into CWM recovery.
    Hopefully you have CWM flashed as your recovery.img? If you do boot into recovery mode. (Turn off phone, hold Vol Up + Menu key, press power key.) Backups and Restore it to his nandriod.
  3. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    That will go at:
    #SD card#/clockworkmod/backup/
  4. Captbryan

    Captbryan Member

    OK, I've flashed CWM, but whenI try to reboot into CWM, the screen freezes on the ZTE start-up logo. The only way I can get it to shut down is take the battery out! ANy ideas?? I do have stayboogy's nandroid stock Merit ROM installed but just can't get to it!! Thx! Capt B
  5. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    i told you in the pm to use the same temp recovery that you used when rooting the phone to do the restore process.

    and i know beyond doubt my recovery images are flawless, so you did something wrong when flashing if used one of them.

    you now need to flash stock recovery stock_recovery.img (or flash one of my recovery images for the merit in this subforum) using adb

    from pc command prompt, assuming you have adb set up, with stock_recovery.img on the root of your sdcard
    (or you can use terminal on the phone if you have the app with stock_recovery.img on the root of your sdcard--just skip adb shell in that case)
    Code (Text):
    1. adb shell
    2. su
    3. flash_image recovery /sdcard/stock_recovery.img
    4. reboot recovery
    make sure you have temp_recovery.zip on the root of your sdcard named update.zip and install it like you did before when you rooted

    when it loads choose backup and restore and restore to the stock rooted nandroid
  6. Captbryan

    Captbryan Member

    , Value has been trying to walk me through the steps. Here is what he told me (which I did 4 times before getting back to him). It looks pretty much like what you sent above??

    Value's reply:
    Ok let me see if I've got this straight, your phone does boot and works properly. Except for when you attempt to call anyone you get a FC.
    But you are unable to reboot into recovery? Sounds like your recovery didn't flash properly. So so what you will need to do :

    Download stayboogys recovery img for your phone. Not the flashable zip but the actual img file its on the forums. I will find a link and send it.

    Put it on the root of your sd card. Now download a terminal emulator app from Google play.

    Fire up the terminal emulator and type:


    flash_image recovery /sdcard/nameofboogysrecovery.img

    Once you have done that type:

    reboot recovery

    You should boot into recovery from there you should be able to restore the backup you made. Note when you type su in the terminal accept the prompt from superuser asking to grant terminal root permissions.

    Sent from my ZTE-Z990G using Tapatalk 2[/QUOTE]
    Value, Maybe I bricked it, because someone on here told me to to try factory reset, so I did. I've learned that there are only about 5-6 of you that really knows this stuff. I am in the process of trying stayboogy's recovery.

    The latest is I am using Rom manager for flashing clockworkmod. I have flashed it and it says that the phone has been flashed with CWM. I then (in ROM manager) hit reboot recovery with CWM. It goes to the ZTE logo screen and stays for about 7-8 minutes. It then reboots back to normal login screen (screen with time, date and unlock). I also verified that I am rooted. Everything on the phone works except calling. Oh I forgot - I did go into Titanium back-up and restore a bunch of apps. After I restored these apps; it was the 1st time it actually allowed me to "flash CWM". Not sure which app allowed that???

    Jamesp's suggestion:
    Does it force close if you go to settings/privacy/factory data reset? This is another option for a data wipe.

    Also try downloading this app...

    Its called quickboot and will allow you to boot into recovery without any of the button combo bullshit, just tap recovery and your there.

    If your device still freezes at the zte logo, then that leads me to think that maybe clockworkmod will have to be flashed again.

    Ill be on throughout the day, Ill help as much as my knowlege allows. Im far from a pro, Ive only owned a smart phone for about seven months...[/QUOTE]

    Reply to Jamesp suggestion:

    James, Thanks for replying. When I try to download quickboot I get this :error - application can not be installed in the default install location

    Value, I'm going to break this down and you can see what kind of idiot you are dealing with.
    OK, I download stayboogys recovery.img (M ext3.rar) on my PC. I plug the phone in with usb. I rename stayboogys recovery.img file to
    BoogysrecoveryM ext3.rar (so I can keep up with it). I then drag and drop this file from Capt B's phone folder (on PC) to my phone. The file shows up on phone in filer with a ? mark on the folder icon. This is the only place I can find this file on my phone. I then try to download ROM file from sd card (with ROM manager). The list from /sd card does not show BoogysrevoveryM ext3.rar file. I then went into terminal emulator like you said and type in exactly what you told (4 times to make sure I didn't screw up). When I type in reboot recovery the phone shuts down and reboots back to ZTE logo, then TRACfone logo and music, and then to my home page like a normal boot????? Not sure but I feel like I'm missing 1 simple step.
    Not sure if I ran this by you but before I did anything today, I went into Titanium back-up and reinstalled (restored) a bunch of stuff that I had backed up "after"rooting". I lot of this stuff was "system files" so I hit restore with Titanium Backup on all system files. It did not show a backup of the ROM. After I restored all of these apps, I shut the phone down and did a normal reboot and when it went to my home page it showed only 4 items (icons for programs/files). It completely wiped out everything I had put on my home pages. But, when I go to "filer" or "manage apps" all of my apps are there. Sorry this is so long. I'm trying to be as specific as possible (stayboogy emphasized that). Anyway, any ideas are greatly appreciated. Capt B


  7. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    not to be a dick, but, dude, your troubles are because YOU AREN'T FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS

    did anyone suggest to use rom manager? i know i or value didn't because it's known that it doesn't work to flash recovery...

    okay, as for renaming the M ext3.rar, that's not what you need to do, and you don't flash it either--you extract it. you can't flash a .rar file like it's an img file otherwise someone would have told you to do it that way.

    you extract it and take the recovery.img from inside the folder that gets extracted and copy it to your sdcard, and flash using the terminal method that both i and value gave you

    then make sure you have the stock rooted nandroid like so on your sdcard (which means you extract it from the rar it's in as well--you can't restore a rar or zip):


    reboot into the new recovery that's been flashed, and choose (using home key) "backup and restore" and then choose "restore" and then choose the image listed above. then you'll be set. all the same stuff that's been said before, more than once i remind you.

    and factory reset doesn't do anything if you've deleted system apps. you can't restore system apps that are no longer there. all factory reset does it wipe /data partition--it does not restore anything, it's not a backup, it's not a failsafe.

    i told you to use the temp_recovery to wipe dalvik-cache and see if that fixed your problem, not factory reset.

    and you didn't have to flash recovery, you could have used the temp_recovery that you used to root, and wipe the dalvik (had you followed my directions) and restored the nandroid that way too

    leave titanium backup alone if you don't know what you're doing--which it sounds like your fooling with it is what got you into this predicament in the first place. ditch rom manger because it's worthless too. and leave rom toolbox alone as well.

    follow the directions and you'll be fine. you trying to do it your own way will not result in success, my friend...
  8. Captbryan

    Captbryan Member

    Dude, I can assure you that I am not trying to to do it "my own way". Every step I've taken came straight off of this forum. As I told Value, you 2 are the only ones I can listen to now. Too many different opinions from too many people. I clearly admitted in the beginning that I was a frigging idiot with this stuff to you and all. Anyway, after doing everything that Value told me earlier (Terminal Emulator, your recovery, etc, etc), I decided to do a root check. When i try to "verify root access" the program just keeps running and running and running. This morning I did it and it said that i did have root access. So, is there any other way to see if I have root access, is there anyway to hard rest the whole phone?? All of my apps still work I've got 35-40 apps on my sd card. At what point do I know if it's bricked or not. Thx! Capt B
  9. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    Bircked means it doesn't work. I gave you the best advice based on what you told me. I also told you to quit using ROM Manager before you bricked your phone. If you can't fallow instructions don't blame your help.

    I told you to factory reset because you told me it wouldn't flash but you didn't tell me you was trying to flash a zip file. When you do the recovery EVERYTHING on your phone will be replaced anyways. They can be installed from the SD but I don't think you need to be poking around in the files after you have root. Just go back to Play Store & get them.
  10. valueforvalue

    valueforvalue Well-Known Member

    I managed to talk him through getting clockworkmod re flashed properly with adb after we resolved the issue with it not working. Now all he needs to do is restore stayboogys stock nandroid.
  11. Captbryan

    Captbryan Member

    A huge thank you to MR. ValueforValue for helping me with this problem. I was told that the phone was bricked by some people on here. WELL, they were wrong! If Mr. ValueforValue wants to put on here what he discovered, then I'll leave it up to him. I think we termed it "HARD RESET"! Again, thank you for your patience!! Hope others learn that! Capt B
  12. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member


    it takes a lot to BRICK a phone. there's a bunch of people on here who don't know what they are talking about...
  13. Captbryan

    Captbryan Member

    Believe me, I know that now; too many pokers in the fire!!! Capt B

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