[Merit] ZTE Merit Update.Zip File?

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  1. Killmaster

    Killmaster Member

    I want to root my Merit but can't do the ADB method because I can't download ADB Tools because the only Internet I can use is the incredibly slow tethering from my phone. I found the thread with the update.zip method but the file got taken off of Mediafire and I can't find it anywhere else. Could someone give me a link to another one so I can make this phone actually worth the $130 I spent on it?

  2. out of ideas

    out of ideas Well-Known Member

    You should be able to put on the new cwm6 and restore the rooted stock rom.
  3. Killmaster

    Killmaster Member

    Is that going to be the same process, or do I need to do more than just updating my phone with it?
  4. Killmaster

    Killmaster Member

    Wait, never mind, I just read the thread about it. Thanks.

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