[Merit] ZTE Merit Z990G--hard reset / restore code

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  1. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    warning: i have not tried this myself personally but

    i just got the number to hard reset / stock recover the zte merit z990g (straight talk) phone from their technical support

    i was given this to try to fix my wifi issue, but i'm weary of doing it because i'm not sure what all it will change and i don't want to lose my root

    i'm not sure if this does the same thing as booting into recovery mode or not. it may be something else entirely. again i'm not sure.

    when i asked about a t-flash for this phone they said that there wasn't one--so this may take the place of that

    but those of you who would like to try it, or those of you who have not been able to properly root your phone and would like to hard reset it so as to possibly be able to have a fresh start at rooting, here you go

    *983*987# and i'm pretty sure you have to hit "send"

  2. dustyj

    dustyj Member

    tried it, it told me connection problem or invalid MMI code
  3. Stabler1

    Stabler1 New Member

    yuuuup me too... does not work thanks anyway !

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