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  1. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Go into the email app, select the account you want to change (i.e. go into the inbox for that account), then click the menu button. Choose Account Settings and look for "email check frequency"

  2. belin

    belin New Member

    how do i log off my email account on my mesmerize phone
  3. mindsaredanger

    mindsaredanger New Member

    I bought 2 mesmerizes as Christmas for my 2 boys. Loved, loved, loved this phone, so I then went back and bought one for myself. These were our first smart phones so you can imagine the excitement for each of us.

    Week 2, one of my son's received a call on his while driving down the road. The phone was in the passenger seat, and on vibrate only, and it vibrated right into the floor board hitting the carpet, and shattered the screen. I bought cases when I bought the phones, but US Cellular had not yet received the screen protectors so we were still waiting for them to come in. Not sure whether this would have helped or not, but we are talking about a few inches with the phone landing on soft carpet.

    Yes, I upgraded to the Belief Project, but they told us because my son "misused" his phone, the warranty is void. I pay for the extra insurance for the phone, but I am not about to pay a $100.00 deductible for this. I contacted Samsung the day after this happened, and have yet to hear back from them, so I contacted them again today and so far nothing.

    I'm so disappointed! I'm packing up the other 2 that I bought and returning them tomorrow. Although I realize these phones are more sensitive than the older type phones, this is ridiculous. No way that any phone screen should shatter this easily!
  4. dukeofbluz

    dukeofbluz Well-Known Member

    Mine flew 15 feet through the air and landed on blacktop and its fine, sounds fishy to me
  5. ShoogKnight

    ShoogKnight Member

    Were you there when this happened? The glass on the Mesmerize is GorillaGlass, which is just about as strong as the windshield on your car. I have a feeling that your son might not be telling you the honest truth. If you were there and saw it, then my mistake, and I apologize. But the glass on these is very durable, and I have an extremely hard time believing this story.
    The one scenario I could possibly see happening though is an extreme temperature change. If the phone was left outside in sub-zero temperatures and warmed very quickly with a heater blasting, then I have seen LED screens burst underneath the glass. But this is so rare, and the temperatures must be so extreme, that the chances of this are very minimal.
  6. Hollywood57

    Hollywood57 Member

    There is no need for a task killer on the Mesmerize. It has a built in task manager that works great. The widget for it is pretty neat too.

    And a great flash light app is "Tiny Flashlight".

    Sorry, just joined the site and am alittle late to the party.
  7. Hollywood57

    Hollywood57 Member

    Why not?? The phone was dropped. Isnt this why you pay for insurance?? And $100 to replace a $600 device is reasonable.
  8. jokout

    jokout New Member

    Don't mean to pile on here, but I really have to agree that this scenario is a bit unlikely...first, I find it hard to believe that the vibrate mode would move the phone off the seat to begin with unless the phones position was quite precarious to begin with and droping a matter of a few inchs onto carpet just isn't going to break a Gorilla glass screen!
    Now, I can see a posibility of the phone sliding off the seat under heavy/panic breaking and crashing into the dash at high velocity, but this would still be questionable if it would break the glass...I'm guessing the phone probably found it's way onto the floor of the car OR the ground outside the car door AND got steped on!
    I'm wondering if your son is afraid you won't trust him with the phone if he comes off looking irresponsible...we all would have done the same thing at a younger age...I know a LOT of ADULTS that do the same if not worse!

  9. jokout

    jokout New Member

    I've had the Mesmerize for about a month now, (Got it for free on the holiday promo, with NO CONTRACT! Gotta love USCC!), and have had a relitively good experiance with this phone outside of a few small issues that have been pretty simple to correct with a little research on my part. Mostly mail problems with sketchy delivery and no notifications, poor video client, and iffy phone app!
    First, I have moved all email accounts to K9 mail and couldn't be happier! Good UI, consistent mail delivery and NOTIFICATIONS! This is a great mail app with a very nice unified inbox option and it will update every 5 min. if needed!
    The video player issue seems to be a Andriod 2.1 thing in general and none of the stock phones are particularly good at handling streaming/downloaded video! Again, the market has come to the rescue here in the Vplayer app! This player will play pretty much anything you can throw at it and do it quite well! I was also having problems in the phone app with the proximity sensor doing all kinds of funky stuff, hanging the phone, disconnecting calls, and simply loosing the phone interface during a call...a hard reset seems to have cured this issue completely
    If your having issues with your Mes., search the market for a third party app to fix the problem, every Andriod phone has it's little quirks, just the nature of the Android beast and there is no reason to suffer with a problem that most likely can be fixed easily and inexpensively with a little research on the market!

  10. annod1960

    annod1960 Member

    Hello Everybody,
    First, pls let me say that I'm Andriod-dumb. lol It's my first Android and I'm feeling my way through all of this. It's fun but can be daunting at times. Thank heaven for this forum.

    In Desk Cradle there is an Alarm feature. I set up multiple alarms per day due to a very strict and semi-complicated medication regime. If I miss certain meds, it can really harm the worst it can put me in the hospital and.... well ya know, the worst.

    So I have alarms set. I've chosen the times, even put in what meds are to be taken, I've set the M-F, set the snooze features, set the tone, loudness --- the whole sha-bang.

    This has worked well for me except if I'm on the phone when an alarm is supposed to sound. In that case, the alarm doesn't sound, there is no beep or anything, it does not auto snooze (all of the alarms are set to have either 15 or 30 minute snooze times available and up to 5x snoozing).

    When I'm done with a phone call, there is absolutely NO notification that an alarm was set or missed and the phone/application simply ignores this time and acts as if all has been handled and it's waiting for the next alarm time to go off.

    I've checked and double checked everything that I can think of and I've been through every feature and sub-feature I think.

    If I check the Task Manager after a missed alarm due to being on the phone, there is nothing running.

    The next time the alarm is supposed to sound, it does as long as I'm not on the phone talking.

    Does anybody have ANY clues if this is a problem that can be fixed? If not does anybody know of an app that will cover my bases? I looked at two that were listed in the Market app..but I used "Medical Alarm" as a search term. Perhaps I'll look simply under Alarms. ~~~ I'd sure like some help please.

    I detest all of this medication (and actually would rather simply eat right, exercise, etc. etc....but for me, that's not going to fix my medical issues. Thus the medication schedule).

    **smiling** Thanks folks. I truly hope that I've simply missed a check or uncheck somewhere.

  11. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    First, welcome to the forums and welcome to Android.

    This issue is so specific and unrelated to the thread you should have started a new one. Someone with an issue similar to yours might miss this question if they didn't feel like reading a post they thought was about other stuff.

    To answer your question, search the market for "alarm". There is also an application called "tasker" that, while not very intuitive, is extremely customizable. If you're willing to take the time to read the Wiki and walk through examples, you can probably develop your own alarm setup that will not go away on a call.
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  12. annod1960

    annod1960 Member


    Thanks for the directing me on where to look and giving confidence that I may be able to make my own alarm. ~~Pls trust that I needed that boost.

    ? I put this in the wrong area? Ut oh. Rats! My thinking was that perhaps this was a 'known issue' and I was simply overlooking something -- or a glitch in the app. You're right though, I should have made a new post. I'll be more careful next time.

    Live and learn...... in all areas of life including using my new Android phone. lol

    Thanks again.
  13. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    No worries annod. It may well be a "known issue" type of thing if the alarm is not working if it is supposed to ring during a call. I don't know, I use my alarm for the "typical" wake me up stuff, so I haven't been on the phone during that time.

    Given the significance of the alarm to you personally, however, I just thought you would be better off making it a separate forum topic.
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  14. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    Annod1960, must ask, what were you using prior to getting your Mez? Personally I would not risk my life on a phone app. If it's that critical, there has to be a purpose-built tool (alarm clock) out there. I'd check with either your doc or pharmacist. Good luck and take care.
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  15. annod1960

    annod1960 Member

    @ LaTuFu - thanks. ..... .... ...... Often even waking me up, alarm or no alarm is a chore. haha I have almost clueless as to why (emphasis on: almost).

    I've been looking through the little icon called Market .... and then ran into a young man at the store yesterday --- he told me that he's an 'Expert' on Andriod phones and says no Andriod phone is going to beep or signal during a phone call -- it's just not in the cards for driods (yet). He may be an expert -- but I sure hope he's wrong.

    You did a fine job of answering me -- ;) and gave me a slight shove in the right direction. I think it's going to take my 'old' brain a little while to get the total hang of this. At least I'm willing. Two other friends have similar phones and they're taking theirs back to the store. Us old folks (lol I'm 51) don't have a lot of patience for such things -- perhaps I'm just stubborn and want to learn's kind of fun. Someday, woooo, I may learn how to download songs and ringtones too. lmao. Kidding, sorta.

    Where are all the young personal tutors when I need them? Bahhhh Sure, I can help them when it comes to legal advocacy -- but will any that live near here help me with a phone? Nooo. Again, just kidding --- perhaps I should slow down on the coffee this morning. Ooops, I haven't had any. lol

    Thanks LaTuFu -- you've been really cool. A good first experience posting on this type of forum.

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  16. annod1960

    annod1960 Member

    RASmith...Good morning. Thanks for chiming bad pun and unintended.

    I was using a US Cellular LG phone (??Banter??) that had a small 2" screen. EasyEdge was used on this phone however it was difficult to navigate and the screen became too small for me to see w/out a lot of eye strain.

    While I agree with you in theory about asking a medical professional including a pharmacist about apps -- please understand that though you and I seem to not live that far apart (you're in northern IL and I'm in far west WI) where I live is almost primative. He**, I'm lucky to be able to get an internet connection that's above 56k. haha ~~~~ I have a 3G/Wi-Fi Kindle and if I wanted to use the wi-fi to download a book, I'd have to go through the back 40 and into a neighbor's cow pasture to get a signal. Luckily I can tap into my router, enter my passwords and download. ~~~ The Mez cell works pretty good here cow pastures but I do have to move around the home.

    I believe you're right too..... I think I'll have to put my watch back on and have alarms set on the watch if I can't find a good alarm from an app. On the little LG that I had, this would beep at me if I was on a call and I couldn't even hang up on the call w/ out addressing the alarm. I also liked that I could use a flexible snooze feature with a 2-step quick maneuver (changing the snooze to 15, 30, 1 hour choices). ~~~ I could also quickly make the alarm stop sounding if I'd forgotten to silence all (such as when in a court room doing the advocacy work) by simply flicking the volume up/down side button. Not true with the Mez.

    I'll keep looking for an alarm that simply notifies me no matter if I'm on the phone or not though. ~~~~ A really silly question --- aside from looking on my phone through "Market" and apps, can I do so online in a special US Cellular "Market" Apps area? Perhaps I should call USC to find out as I don't see this on the website even when I'm logged in and addressing my phone/area.

    Thanks friend for writing .... and caring. Much appreciated.

  17. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm glad I could help to some degree. I appreciate your kind words. I try to give back the same kind of help I receive when I frequent a forum. That's supposed to be the idea behind them. Unfortunately many forum dwellers seem to forget that once they transition from "noob" to "veteran".

    As far as whether or not the Android is a good choice for you, I would definitely think about it for a while.

    Androids are great phones, and the Android OS is a wonderful platform. Having said that, it does still have a lot of "quirks" and "wrinkles" yet to be ironed out. Geeky tech guys like me don't mind them because it gives us another excuse to play around with them.

    If you are the type of person that just wants the phone "to work" a different style of smartphone might be better suited for you.

    It has nothing to do with intelligence, patience, or tech savvy. Its all about how you prefer to spend your time. A smartphone is supposed to make the rest of your life easier. If you're constantly battling it to make it function within your life, its counterproductive.

    Blackberry still makes an excellent smartphone. What it lacks in "gee whiz" new cool factor right now, it more than makes up for in the "just works" category. Best email platform in smartphones right now? Still blackberry. Stable OS? Still Blackberry. The biggest thing you'll give up by going to a Blackberry is the ability to customize to the level Android will let you. The next thing you give up is some web browsing functionality. Based on what you're telling me you want to do with your phone, I'm thinking those are "negatives" that would not impact your use of the phone.

    Just something to consider. I am definitely not suggesting that you chose the wrong phone. I'm just trying to offer additional information that can help you decide if you have chosen the right life tool. Thats really all these phones are meant to be.
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  18. annod1960

    annod1960 Member

    @ LaTuFu - You're a sweetie for sure. Great information you provided me with. Thanks.

    I think I am going to stick with this I'm having fun with it. I logged into the Samsung website and read a few articles on the Andriod OS versus this and that. I also read a few other articles and much seemed to come together for me. ~~~ I sure am glad that "Vets" like you, and others, do come back and grasp the hand of the "noob".

    I'm still experiementing and learning, plus relearning when I screw something up. LOL. At least on a computer/laptop there are the back and forward buttons. On an Andriod phone there pretty much is only the back button -- which doesn't always function as a laptop back button would. LOL

    This past w/e sort of exploded for me --- so now it's time to go to appointments. While waiting at each appt. I am trying to customize my new phone. LOL I'd forgotten that it's not only functional -- it can be fun too. haha

    Thanks again to you (and others). Also thanks for making me feel welcome.

  19. gponedog

    gponedog New Member

    Where do I find the global settings so I can activate the sync for my email?
  20. gramijane

    gramijane New Member

    can i skype on my galaxy mezmerize?
  21. Kurtstl

    Kurtstl New Member

    our big issue so far is that the battery life gets eaten up very rapidly.
  22. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Welcome to the Mez and Android 2.2! Unfortunately, its a big juice drinker.
  23. regalsoft

    regalsoft Member

    I've had my mezmerize for about two months now and love almost everything. I originally started out with an HTC Desire and actually loved that phone even better except that it kept overheating and died within the first two weeks. The major reason I
    changed to the Mezmerize, however, was because the Desire had a very weak antenna and could not pick up a signal at my apartment where I never had a problem before with other phones. The mezmerize gets a very strong signal at the same location.
    The BIGGEST annoyance I have is the screen shutting off during a call. When I call someplace that requires entering touch tones to navigate their voice system, I can't do it at all. After the screen shuts off it won't turn back on. I can't dial numbers, hangup, or anything. It's as if though it stops detecting motion. Sometimes the screen returns when I slap it only to have it shut off again after 5 seconds. There should at least be a configuration option to set the screen shutoff time during a call. Has anyone else had this problem?
  24. lori dancy

    lori dancy New Member

    i have this phone also....up till yesterday it worked great then the buttons on the bottom for the menu back button home button etc.. suddenly stops can some one please help with this
  25. scott_

    scott_ Well-Known Member

    Have you tried to remove the battery(for about 10 minutes or so) and then reinstall it and restart the phone.

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