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  1. pioter666

    pioter666 New Member

    I have mesmerize and i will like to use it with verizone. Today i went to store and ask but they sad that is impossible. Does any one know how to make it possible?

  2. jc3191989

    jc3191989 Member

    I don't know about the unlocked phones, but if it is just the phone u like then the samsung fascinate is Verizon's version of the mesmerize and is identical to the mesmerize except the mesmerize uses google search and the fascinate uses bing search.
  3. pioter666

    pioter666 New Member

    Point is that i have a mesmerize at home and want to switch to verizone without need of buying a new phone .
  4. jc3191989

    jc3191989 Member

    I kinda figured that's what u meant but wasnt completely sure. I'll look around and see what they have for unlocked phones
  5. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    While it is possible to "unlock" a CDMA phone and use it on another carrier, it requires a great deal of patience on your part, and a great deal of knowledge and willingness on the part of a tech or service person at the other company. Its not the same process as swapping out SIM cards and applying an unlock code on a GSM phone.
  6. pioter666

    pioter666 New Member

    Im aware of that. That why im asking that is possible to flash some software from verizone to uscellular phone.
  7. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Without the help of a Verizon software engineer, no there is no way that I am aware of.

    Unless VZW has vastly superior service in your area, I'd suggest sticking with USCC. Their plans are cheaper, and most of the services VZ makes you pay extra for, USCC doesn't.

    In my area, USCC has the same, if not better coverage. The 3G sucks at times, but that's no different than VZW's.
  8. Hollywood57

    Hollywood57 Member

    If the Verizon rep can get the CDMA lock code, there should be no problem activating it. Now finding a rep that will activate a different carriers phone on there network is another thing.
  9. Magickly

    Magickly New Member


    I know this is a rather old post, but if you still have that Mesmerize around, it can definitely be activated on page plus (which uses entire verizon network) & has really cheap plans (45 unlimited talk n text) Google Kitty Wireless & check them out.

    The Mesmerize is cdma and uses the same MSL/Unlock code (000000) as verizon/page plus, so it can likely receive OTA programming and get activated with PagePlus for talk and text right now, but you may need some assistance for 3G data & MMS.

    Also, google pageplusdealer. You can activate on their website for free to see if it will work for you -- You also receive $2 free airtime to test phone. PagePlusDealer also offer a cheap service ($15) where you send them your phone & they program to use the pageplus/verizon network.

    I successfully activated a Mesmerize on PagePlusDealer this morning
    Talk and text worked immediately, I am now working on getting data/3g & internet going.

    Hit me up if you need any additional info.
    Don't waste that Mesmerize !
    Good Luck !!
  10. fumundacheese

    fumundacheese New Member

    My friend upgraded to a new phone and gave me his old mesmerize. I read your post about activating your mesmerize and would like to know if there is a way I could hire someone to do the manual programing for me.
  11. Magickly

    Magickly New Member

    Flashing your mesmerize to work on verizon's network is fairly foolproof
    I am currently using Fascinate ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) ROM on my Showcase (Cell South) on PagePlus, which is the verizon network (cheap prepay service).

    Basically you are flashing your mesmerize to mimic/become a fascinate
    (loading new modem/radio software & new rom) via your PC.
    I can upload the files & instructions for you if you want to try it yourself
    You can literally do this in 15 minutes with USB cable, pc & downloaded programs, compliments of generous forums & developers

    Initially I was afraid to full flash a complete fascinate rom/radio, but I took the plunge after I soft bricked my phone & installed the stock Verizon Gingerbread rom/radio EH03 & everything ran flawless 3g, mms, wifi, data.
    I then rooted & upgraded to Kang ICS Build 2. LOVE IT!!

    That's the easy part. Trying to get Verizon to activate it is the hard part, as Mesmerize/Showcase are not on Verizon's database, & they frown on using devices from other carriers.
    HOWEVER, you can definitely flash to mimic a fascinate THEN use on ANY
    verizon network that allows you to bring your own device (pageplus, possibly straight talk, some other verizon mvnos allow BYOD from other carriers)

    PagePlus uses verizon's network & shared towers with super cheap rates
    Right now, they are running a promo for their new 55 plan ... Unlimited Talk & Text & 1GB data for $55 flat per month (no taxes or add'l fees)
    normally 55 plan includes 500mb (1/2GB). Additional data is pretty cheap too. No mandatory $30 data add on ... as a matter of fact I am on the 1200 talk 2000 text 100mb data which costs $29 for the entire plan.

    If you are not locked into vzw, I highly recommend page plus you can setup an autopay, so you don't have to worry about renewals (I recommend kitty wireless) & you can quickly port your existing #.
    If you are locked into verizon contract with EFT, you could
    add a cheapie phone that doesn't require data, on cheapest plan they have & put your fassy on another carrier & likely still save money.

    I have to say the Samsung Galaxy S (fascinate/mesmerize/showcase) is truly an incredibly versatile & cool phone.

    I actually ported my cell # to googlevoice ($20) , & now I can use any carrier I want & forward to calls to my new/alternate cell #s. Everyone can still reach me using my old cell #.:D

    If you are hesitant to flash yourself, PM me & I can recommend a flasher who will do it for you remotely for around $50 (more to get on actual VZW network tho)
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  12. augdom

    augdom New Member

    This thread sounds EXACTLY like my story. I have aquired a Samsung Galaxy S. Every detail about this story is identical to mine. I would like to flash this phone to Pageplus [metro pcs if possible] . If you could upload the files and instructions I would be soooooooooooo greatful. I'm a newby and have been dealing with this issue for 3 months. Thank you
  13. LuckyA

    LuckyA New Member

    This thread was very useful for me and I had some links to add, but on a first post I can't give links. So consider this an introduction. Howdy.
  14. LuckyA

    LuckyA New Member

    This post was an excellent starting point for me since I had accidentally purchased a mesmerize on ebay rather than a fascinate for use on Page Plus. As Magickly mentioned there are numerous places with instructions for how to use odin to flash a new rom and radio. I found the following useful:

    [Guide]Installing A Rom/cwm Recovery/root/or Going Back To Stock. - Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase - RootzWiki

    To manually program the phone (since *228 won't work) you can go here for instructions:

    Programming & Troubleshooting -

    Page Plus Manual Programming Help

    Kitty wireless will look up your MIN if you do not know it (and show you where to get the SID for your area).

    My spc code was not the default so I had to download an app from the marketplace which would give it to me (there are a number available, I used "Get My MSL")

    Also I don't know about Magickly but I had all sorts of problems until I installed an up to the date PRL file (no 3G, couldn't call out in many places but could text and receive incoming calls). I had to use QPST to do this. Use the pre-provisioning instructions from houdini and the following link (up to PRL upload, I didn't need to do anything beyond that)

    [Tutorial] Flash Verizon Samsung Fascinate to Cricket (Talk, Text, Internet, MMS)

    Well hopefully this can save someone a few google searches. Best of luck.
  15. MrAreCool

    MrAreCool New Member

    I know this post is ancient, but it is just about the only helpful information on getting the Samsung SCH-I500 from US Cellular onto Pageplus. I think it would have helped if Samsung had used a different model # for the different carriers. So many of the posts that I have read instruct do not get you into the service menu on this version of the SCH-I500...

    What I have done so far.
    1. Contacted Page+ and had them set up a temp. number for me to see if I could get my US Cellular SCH-I500 to work. They provided me with MIN and MDN numbers to use.
    2. Install "Connectbot" from the Google Play store.
    3. Under the bottom left option select "local" instead of "ssh" make up a random nickname and continue. Simply type the following command after the $ and hit enter.

    [HIGH]getprop ril.MSL[/HIGH]
    (Info from the first post in this thread - 2 alternative methods to obtain the SPC/MSL code with your android)
    4. Launch the dialer and enter ##626#
    Enter the SPC obtained in Step #3
    Press Edit
    Press Touch Here
    Enter MDN # obtained from Page+ for the phone number (Just start typing, it will blank the one already in there.)
    Press the Carriage Return (or Enter key) on the keyboard or press the Down button at the top of the screen.
    Enter the MIN # obtained from Page+ in the MSID section
    Press the Enter button at the top of the screen. Phone will reboot.
    (Directions from the houdinisoft page mentioned in the post above - Programming & Troubleshooting - - Samsung - SCH-i500)

    For me it appears that I can make and receive calls, and send and receive SMS messages. I don't have an SD card yet so I can't take a picture to try to send an MMS message. I did receive one - kind of... I got a text that says downloading, but it has not downloaded the message yet (been about an hour at this point).

    I can't activate using *22890 as directed by Page+ when I obtained the MIN and MDN numbers. I have a triangle in the notification area which I think indicates that I am roaming??? I have no data connection if I disconnect from wifi.

    I will call the Page+ tech support folks in the morning to see if they have any suggestions. I also need to root this thing and install a new ROM. Going from JB to Froyo is killing me...
  16. heapsofjeff

    heapsofjeff New Member

    I am trying to do the same as the last guy and activate a mesmerize from us cellular. I changed the prl and the phone appears to be activated. I was able to do the *228 and it programmed the phone number and msid for me and it updated the prl to the latest. I can text with the phone but when I try to make a call a verizon recording tells me I need to turn the phone off and back on again. It has a triangle that shows up near the signal indicator that I think is the roaming indicator but I have a verizon prl on the phone. Is there anything else that controls the roaming? I feel like the recording is related to the roaming? I have also flashed a verizon rom to the phone as well trying to see if that would help and still no luck. I am unsure what to do now?
  17. hennessyhemp

    hennessyhemp New Member

    Howdy...Noob here straight from US Cellular, swapping to PagePlus through Kitty (once they finish relocating, in the meantime I'm on the 55 plan from PagePlus).

    Link works, but I'm a newb, so this won't allow me to post

    I just posted this guide yesterday...and the guy above explains some of what I don't fully explain...get your settings (MSID, MIN) MIN was simply 20...and you can get that by calling PagePlus tech support after you've requested your port. They can also help with giving you the codes you need to get to the menus...the getprop ril.MSL command is something you need to do more than likely.

    Anyhow, once you've changed around those settings, follow the screenshot guide you can find about using QPST (Demo version from legit website worked great for me, no viruses and free) to change a PRL file (Preferred Roaming List). It's a little tricky, but with the SPC code at hand and following the screenshot guide (keep googling till you find it, but something like"QPST change PRL" should be enough to pull it up pretty quick.

    Kitty Wireless will link you to their PRL file for download under Manual Programming page.

    Next, fire up Odin, swap out the Stock USC rom for a Stock Verizon Rom for Fascinate SCH-i500, make sure the file you obtain also contains a "Pit" file. Update the Pit file with Odin checking the box that allows partitioning, and also upload the Tar file through the PDA button.

    Call PagePlus and request they push out your data request...attempt OTA activation and enjoy! Mine fired up with 3g (after multiple failed attempts and almost perma-brick, lol...but these guides should help you skip that).
  18. hennessyhemp

    hennessyhemp New Member

    I would have to assume perhaps the PRL file you were using was Verizon's and not PagePlus'. they are different as far as I know, despite being for all intents and purposes, the same network. Try flashing the PRL with QPST, then do another ODIN flash of your Fascinate ROM, but try also updating the PIT and partition along with it. Once your phone is listing that PRL number, try the OTA activation again...or perhaps first call PagePlus and say you need them to Re-push your data connection...I don't really know what that means, but they did that for me, I powered on, and suddenly the OTA worked and 3g popped up...Like a Boss!
  19. hennessyhemp

    hennessyhemp New Member

    Funny thing is, with all the searching I did, I discovered what I really want is to port my number to Google for 20 bucks, then I can use any pre-paid or any number, but Google will make all my friends and family think it's all my previous number...but I ported my number to kitty before really knowing what I was doing, so I couldn't get the activation call google has to give you to get the number ported, lol. Now I can...and I'm going to call Page plus to see if my Min number they issued is in fact another number I might be able to use after Google ports me.
  20. MrAreCool

    MrAreCool New Member

    It excites me to hear that you got this working! I had given up hope... Did you have any trouble with QPST? I can't get it to recognize that there is a phone connected, but it shows the port is in use... I have never had a problem with Odin so I don't think it is a driver issue. I believe the version of QPST I am using is .323. I tried installing a newer version, but it keeps telling me that .dll files are not being registered...

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