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  1. adamthepostie

    adamthepostie Member

    When i assign a message or ringtone the music has a very loud volume as i select it from the menu, HOWEVER, when the music is actually used (incoming call or message) the volume is a lot lower. I have set all of the volumes HIGH in settings but it makes no difference. Can anyone offer any help ? thank-you

  2. XploitZ

    XploitZ Well-Known Member

    are those the ones you are using stock (ring/notification tones from the phone as you bought it) ? or you customized it from the tones that you uploaded to your phone yourself?
    i noticed that custom uploaded ones are a bit slower in volume than stock ones.

    try using the volume buttons and put it to max while in homescreen.

    for custom ring/notification tones i would recommend downloading an app called zedge.
    when choosing a custom tone from it, it is as loud as stock ones

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