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  1. uchihaexean

    uchihaexean Member

    I want to Lock my messages. Family members are too nosy and try to read messages making an excuse of checking out my phone or playing games. Locking the device wont work since i need to anyhow let my other members ascess my phone....And whats the use of lock option available at the message does notthin...not even protect it form deletation.
    I use froyo and dont wanna root my device

  2. akash619

    akash619 Member

    Download apps like Applocker or something similar(Dont know the name exactly...) from the market it would help in password protecting.
  3. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    Avg Antivirus Pro, App Protection Pro, Smart App Protection, Perfect App Protection, App Vault, etch lets you protect your apps wit a password. You need to enter a password to run apps that are added to the list. be careful not to protect your dailer, launcher, etc. But you can lock every other apps including Gallery. I personally use App Protection Pro and like it very much than others.

    Download App Protection Pro
  4. uchihaexean

    uchihaexean Member

    I already found, a better app to protect messages and any other file, application etc. whatever thanks a lot for your concern and reply...but whats the use of the lock option available by default?? really confused...
  5. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    Where and what is the lock option available by default that you are talking about huh!!!
  6. aishaalade

    aishaalade New Member

    I want to lock my messages.pls help wth d application.I don't knw where to go.

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