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  1. TigerMan007

    TigerMan007 Member


    Hope someone may be able to help.

    Is there a setting to make the phone beep (or any other sound for that matter) continually or periodically after receiving a text message or a voice mail?

    When I had my Nokia phone the keyboard used to flash until I opened the text/message.

    As I don't use my Samsung very much I don't always know a text/message is there.



  2. Waspsforever

    Waspsforever Member

    Download "Missed Reminder", it works good for me.

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  3. TigerMan007

    TigerMan007 Member

    Thanks, I'll give that a try now.
  4. TigerMan007

    TigerMan007 Member

  5. jahhus

    jahhus Member

    Or try GO SMS PRO

    it's free and just amazing options in it such as unlimited beeps until picked up @random intervals of course, very customisable to user preference.

    Fixes the Mms issue for me.
    And also lets you send unlimited Mms for free.

    Best App so far, oh did I mention it's Free.

    And AD free.

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