Message to all Behold 2 Lurkers!!

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  1. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Message to all Behold 2 Lurkers:

    I want to tell you I'm glad you're here. Moreover, I have a question for you. Why not sign up and contribute? You don't have to be a geeky rocket scientist! We welcome your questions, your comments and your shmoozing!

    Don't be afraid! Do it today!

    If you need any help, just PM me and I'll be glad to help you get around in here!


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  2. HammerIT

    HammerIT New Member

    Hello Steven and community.

    I have come out of the shadows, but have been visiting this forum the past 3 months. I had purchased my Behold 2, my first Android phone, almost 4 months ago. I had done little research before I bought the phone as I needed something that day for my new job.

    I didn't know about the different versions of Android and the controversy around the upgrades. As I never had another android phone I was satisfied with what I had, plus I like the 5 megapixel camera and its controls. I also like that I can broadcast live video using Bambuser - as can other Android phones of course. From this forum I learned how to flash a ROM, downloading the 1.6 version from links provided on this site. I also found out about home replacements like ADW launcher. Just yesterday I was able load the rooted version of the stock 1.6 found here and get Barnacle Wifi and Titanium working again from threads found here.

    Thank you to those that provided the information and the files.
  3. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    HammerIT: I'm glad you took the plunge!! Welcome!! :D

    See? We don't bite! :)
  4. kgreendenver

    kgreendenver Well-Known Member

    I love this community, it is made me the Android user i am today. I came from the blackberry community to Android when i got my behold 2, and i was so angry at first i was going to chuck it out my bedroom window (8th story). But then i came here, and i rocked the phone out, and i will NEVER and i mean NEVER own a non android phone from here on out. Thanks Forum and Community!!!
  5. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Cool! I do have one question for ya. You've been here since May and you're not over 1000 posts? C'moooon!!!! ;) :p JK.
  6. kgreendenver

    kgreendenver Well-Known Member

    Hehe, i gotta admit for a while i was just a lurker, not really communicating and involved. But i am increasingly becoming a part of the community. Especially on the Zio board, i want to be a leader within that phone group, and i want to draw Zio owners to come over and be a part. Hopefully we can get a developer to start roming the phone too.
  7. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    That's the spirit! +1!!!!! (what the heck's a zio?) ;):p Don't hit me. :)
  8. suyash1

    suyash1 Well-Known Member

  9. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    nicey! looks like the iPhone! ;) (jk don't hit me!)
  10. SweetGreen

    SweetGreen Member

    Been having a pain of a time getting m,y phone to do squat for software I had to get a replacement. I might now be able to root it once I can try.
  11. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Good deal! :)
  12. Mychael101

    Mychael101 Member

    I just got a behold 2 from a friend as a replacement for my broken LG Vue. I just realized however that this is a tmobile phone and I'm on at&t.
  13. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

  14. Mychael101

    Mychael101 Member

    Tell me bout it, I got bounced from Tmobile back to At&T. At&t told me to call Samsung. Samsung says to call back Tmobile, lol! I just want to have a working cell phone, geez.
  15. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    I hear ya. What about unlocking it? Can you get it to work with ATT unlocked? Not that I can talk you through it or anything. Someone here may be able to..
  16. Mychael101

    Mychael101 Member

    Tmobile was no help. I'm gonna call Att back after dinner and see if they can sort this for me.
  17. suyash1

    suyash1 Well-Known Member

    tmo should help. if your friend is a tmo costumer for more then 90 days he can get the unlock code
  18. j0hnh0lmes

    j0hnh0lmes Well-Known Member

    yep ^^ unlock it. You won't be able to use any of the tmobile features on the phone though.
  19. Mychael101

    Mychael101 Member

    Tmobile was no help. Att gave me a few codes that didn't work, the guy did say he wasn't sure it would work but to call back if it didn't work out. So I'll try again with att, if it doesnt work then I'll go to an online unlocker.
  20. maxinmn

    maxinmn New Member

    Newbie here. Been lurking for 2 days trying not to embarrass my self, but I am afraid I must. Bought a Behold 2 from a guy on craigslist who just wanted to use his upgrade to sell the upgrade and use the money. Saw the receipt and it was only 2 days old when I bought it from. That was 3 weeks ago and I already have had my first system freeze while restarting. T-mobile tech was very patient but it never completes the recovery mode operation without freezing up in the middle of it. Need to wipe and reload 1.6 and I am totally confused at this point. I have downloaded and and am officially stumped as to what to do with them. Can you help? Unemployed, but interviewing and need phone to find job.:confused:
  21. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Glad you signed up. You're in my thoughts and prayers for work. Tough times.
    Personally, I'm not a behold-2 type, I'm a Motorola Droid X'er. So, if no one sees your post, please feel free to copy it to it's own thread in the Behold 2 forum so more of your folks can see it.

    Warmest welcome! :)
  22. suyash1

    suyash1 Well-Known Member and choose the rom of your choice. whichever you want download and read that forum on what to do
  23. bladehopper82

    bladehopper82 New Member

    Hello all! New to the forum and had a couple of questions. There is a lot of great info on here that I've been searching through. I bought a BH II on eBay used, but when the guy was preping it to mail off, he said there was a glitch and that T-Mobile would send him a new phone to replace it since it was under contract. It finally came in the mail, and I have been messing with it.

    It came loaded with 1.6, so does that mean I don't need to do the BH_man's 1.6?

    Also, I'm currently with Verizon. I want to keep my phone #, so I need to go to t-mobile to change over. When I do this and show them this phone, will they force me to get the $30 data plan? I just want to use wifi since I don't use it all that often. The only thing I might use the data plan is for email and GPS, but I have a tomtom. I have read about the $10 plan and might go that route later on if I can do it over the web.

    I've also heard that the phone will automatically connect to t-zones or edge. If I don't have a data plan and am using the wifi, will it do this and will I get charged?

    Thanks in advanced for any help.
  24. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Welcome! Unless I misunderstood your post, you can't bring your Verizon phone to T-mobile. I'm confused. And yes, if you have a data phone, T-mobile will charge you for a data plan.

    Glad you signed up!
  25. bladehopper82

    bladehopper82 New Member

    I meant "phone # (number)", not phone. I want to keep the same phone number. Since I bought the BH II phone and just want to sign up using a non contract pay by the month plan. I'm thinking the $39.99 500 mins and unlimited text. But I don't want the data plan. Even though I have the phone already, you're saying they will charge me for the data plan?

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