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  1. Antique

    Antique New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 23, 2010
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    Recently I changed one of my friend's mobile phone number in the contacts (added the country prefix because I'm abroad). Now I noticed that whenever I reply to a message from this friend in the messages screen, it sends it to the old number instead of the new one. This happens even though the last received message clearly came from the new number with the prefix. Of course, this results in multiple message cannot be delivered messages. Apparently, it hasn't noticed the number changed (maybe because I merely added the country prefix) and is still sending it to the number used when the thread was started.

    I can send a message without problems when I choose the contact manually from the contact list, and this message also ends up in the same message thread so there is no problem with the contact itself. Probably this issue can be solved by deleting the entire thread, but I prefer to keep the messages. Any ideas?


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