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  1. drparton21

    drparton21 Active Member

    I'm seeing a very weird issue here. I'll give you guys a quick rundown--

    I left the house this morning at 8AM. I received calls beforehand.
    I made calls while on the road-- I spend the day going from job-site to job-site, so I go in and out of service, although I have full signal 97% of the day.

    Browsed some on my phone around 11:45 while waiting on a client.

    Got home at 3PM and as soon as I entered the door and my Airrave picked up my phone, I got a text message and a voicemail from two separate clients-- one around 10AM and the other at 11:15AM.

    Is anyone else having anything similar?

  2. SamuraiBigEd

    SamuraiBigEd Under paid Sasquatch! Moderator

    I have had that with my Hero, OG Evo & 3D, I think it is more a network issue than a device issue.

    My record was a voicemail that showed up 3 days late!
  3. drparton21

    drparton21 Active Member

    Just wanted to update this in case someone else has this issue. I continued to not be able to receive messages for several days... unless I was home.

    Turns out my Airrave was "holding" my number or something (Duffman on the Sprint forums helped another user out with this problem, and that's what they had said). To get it working, I had to unplug the Airrave for several hours. Once I unplugged it (I had my girlfriend do this while I was out of the house), I suddenly received several text messages and voicemails. I've been able to receive them since.
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  4. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    I don't have an airrave, and iv had my evo 4g LTE since May 24 thanks to pre ordering may 7 on sprints website but anyways yesterday all of a sudden I payed my sprint bill..went to work..came home and I'd send messages and people that were with me wouldn't get them at all and my two friends I was with all day got my texts all at once 5 hours later and there both on different networks?? And my messages have been saying they sent or they haven't and when it says they didn't send they did and when it says they did I don't get any replies back for hours on end and I mean 5 hours apart no joke!!! This all started yesterday and iv never had this issue not like's happened once before when there was an earthquake that ruptured a main cell tower near by but other than that nothing like this that ever caused this much of an issue and it never lasted this long...I live in Erie pa and my signal is good and it always has been so my signal isn't the issue. So does anyone know of any sprint issues currently involving texting? Because this is getting really irritating I'm using facebook messenger to text my friends because otherwise our texts are hours delayed and sometimes they don't get mine at all or I don't get there's at all...
  5. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    Also once this became an issue out of nowhere for me yesterday..I tried multiple times to update my profile, my prl and no such luck :( :( then my signal indicator all of a sudden showed the X as if I didn't pay my bill and have no service but I payed my bill yesterday morning every penny like I always do. So that can't be the issue, then I shut my phone off waited 10mins and turned it back on and that didn't fix anything I tried the prl, profile thing again and nothing so I restarted my device again and did the profile, prl update thing again and finally after one more time of doing these exact steps for the 3rd time it worked but the general issue wasn't fixed and it still isn't no one seems to be getting my texts and if they do I don't receive their replies for hours on end...and iv called them and they for sure are texting me back..and I know they are because these people are my gf, my mom, my brother and my two great friends and 2 of them I was with when this all started I will be calling sprint because this is driving me insane!!!
  6. Sauske

    Sauske Well-Known Member

    Do a PRL update, settings> system update> update PRL!;)

    P.s....What EarlyMon said below, update your Profile as well!
  7. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    And always update your profile the PRL.
  8. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    Not sure if I stated that above in my 2posts but I meant to if I didn't...I have restarted my phone, did a prl, profile update atleast 10times already no joke guys!!!
  9. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    Just tested a theory...iv been using Facebook messenger to talk to my friend and my gf ...I used the stock android messaging app to send them a message instead of my normal program(handcent sms) and it worked but I still am not getting incoming texts!?!? Stock messaging they got my messsge. Handcent sms they weren't receiving any of my messages. But either way I am not receiving any messages incoming at all...
  10. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    Just called sprint and the rep had asked me to shut my phone off 1-2mins so she can reset the system or something and she's suppose to be calling me back any minute now
  11. abrawner

    abrawner Active Member

    I am also experiencing the same problem; I am in the middle of a chat right now with Sprint Tech Support. I will post my results as soon as we are finished!

  12. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    I don't use Handcent but I am pretty sure there are settings in there to automatically receive the text. I would turn that off in Handcent just in case. Again I don't use Handcent but I remember this issue from several other devices over the years starting with the Hero.
  13. anozireth

    anozireth Member

    My LTEvo doesn't seem to be receiving voicemails at all. When someone calls, I get the missed call notification, but I never get a voicemail. Not even a "voicemail pending" or "call to listen to your voicemail" message. My wife has tested it with me a couple of times so I know it's not just that no one is leaving a message.

    Has anyone else had trouble with this?
  14. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    I haven't had any trouble with this.

    Have you tried a PRL and data profile update.

    Go under Settings / Updates / Update PRL then once it does its thing, update the Profile. See if that helps. :)
  15. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    when people call, do they get the opportunity to leave a message? does the phone call roll over to your voicemail greeting? did you set up a voicemail greeting?

    and are you using google voice? if so did you integrate your voicemails to use GV exclusively or no?

    did you even set up your voicemail?

    have you contacted sprint to troubleshoot?
  16. JG-1

    JG-1 Well-Known Member

    I received my phone about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I had missed two calls a couple of days after I purchased the phone, but the callers didn't leave a voicemail.

    This morning I woke up and had two new voicemails show up in the status bar that we're dated 8/15 !!! It took 15 days for these messages to show up, and both were very important and I'm pissed I didnt immediately recieve the voicemail, let alone over two weeks later.

    Is this a phone issue or sprint issue? How do I make sure this doesn't happen again?

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Is your phone software up-to-date?
    Is the voicemaill app up-to-date?
    Are your notification setting on the app, correct?

    I would double check by calling from your office phone.

    If all is correct, clear the cache, reboot and try again to see if the corrects the problem.
  18. JG-1

    JG-1 Well-Known Member

    Yes, everything is up to date.
  19. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    its going to be network issues.

    in case you are not in the know, sprint is upgrading their network and you will experience delayed calls, texts, lower signal coverage, etc during these "growing pains".

    there are threads about this here and in the sprint forum.

    you are welcomed to call sprint, give them your zip code where you experienced the issues , and let them know.

    its more then likely not going to be the phone, especially since you have probably received calls, texts, VMs just fine before, after or during this issue.

    Things happen and wireless technology will fail at times, so if you need to be notified immediately about things, you should have another means for people to contact you in case of emergency.
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  20. Called about this already and they told me the same..... network.
  21. kimmied2000

    kimmied2000 Active Member

    I've been on the phone with sprint for 2 hours to get text messaging working...profile update, prl update, sent new settings to my phone, supervisor reset and sent new settings, ##xxxx# reset (not sure what that did), factory reset, and finally they said they would put in an engineering ticket. Five minutes after I get off the phone, I decided to look on here. Decided unplugging the airrave couldn't hurt, and walah...I now have text messaging again! thanks
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  22. i.have.droid

    i.have.droid Well-Known Member

    Hey folks, just to update i just spent 45 minutes on the phone with sprint. I need the air rave or my phone reception is horrible in my house. It is much better with verizon. I had the missed text issues..etc and it is due to sprint waiting on a software update from air rave. They do not know when it will happen. I unplug my air rave and all my texts come through after a while from earlier before.

    I had them document everything, and the only answer is to cancel and leave sprint. Even they could not argue with me there. I will be selling my lte and leaving for verizon as soon as my iphone5 comes in the mail. I am hoping they see all my reported issues and cut me a little break on the cancelation fee when i make that call, but i am sure they dont care een though i have been a top rated customer for over 5 years.

    Point is..unplug your air the issue to sprint..make them contact you when the software update is released. Good luck with your evos. It was a nice run, but i am more an iphone person (no flames please,it is just my preference).
  23. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    Make sure you buy a case!.. I kid... I kid. :D

    It's been nice doing battle with you sir. Enjoy your new toy! I will pm you my address so I can take that evo off your hands :)
  24. i.have.droid

    i.have.droid Well-Known Member

    Its in great shape so offer
  25. punky182002

    punky182002 Member

    I'm having the same problem! It shows me that I missed a call, but doesn't tell me I have a new voicemail! It's very frustrating. I was unemployed and looking for jobs and prospective employers were calling, leaving msgs, and I wasn't getting them until it was too late! Ugh!

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