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  1. JG000

    JG000 New Member

    Hello everybody, I'm a long time lurker and first time poster. I purchased my G2 in December 2010 and it worked seamlessly for about a year. Since then it's been a downhill battle.

    The messaging app is now very unresponsive, and generally I can't send one or more message without it crashing. When I send a text, it gets stuck in "Sending" mode - I have to turn off the phone and restart it for it to actually send through. This process then must be repeated for every new text message.

    I assumed the easiest thing to do would be clear all of my old texts (there's literally a few thousand stored so I assume that's the root of the problem). However, EVERY attempt to clear the cache/ all data results in the phone becoming unresponsive and crashing. What might be an otherwise easy fix is hindered by this.

    PLEASE help - thanks for your assistance, I greatly appreciate it.

  2. tronmech

    tronmech Member

    This would be a good time to root your phone. Once rooted and on a non stock recovery, you can back up everything in its current state and then see if a factory wipe well solve the issue. If not, you aren't out anything. The truly paranoid would back up all their apps with Titanium Backup out something similar as well.

    My thought is that rooting the phone makes the factory wipe reversible, where normally it isn't.
  3. JG000

    JG000 New Member

    Thank you very much for your help. I downloaded an app "SMS Cleaner Free" which successfully deleted thousands of stored messages. Now the phone is running like it is brand new!

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