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  1. lnk

    lnk New Member

    Hey, I have recently switched from iphone to the s4. I got the s4 on friday and I have been having a problem with the default messaging app.

    It keeps crashing, it works for awhile then it wont load and I get the message that the messaging app wont load and I can either wait or close it. Closing it and opening it doesn't work, restarting the phone doesn't work. It just seems to come back on it's own. During the time it won't load I can't see or send texts, sometimes it will last 10 minutes or so.

    Has anyone else had this ? Anyone know how to fix it. Will I just have to backup and reset the phone ?

    Thanks for the help.

  2. Putty

    Putty Well-Known Member

    Did you import old messages to the phone? Mine crashed a lot because I restored 17,000 messages from my Note 2. I think the stock app has a limit it can handle before it crashes.
  3. lnk

    lnk New Member

    I did import all my messages from my old phone. I had 68 total conversations. I wouldn't think that would be that many ?

    Anyways I deleted about half of my messages so I am now at about 32 conversations. I will see if that works.

    Thanks for the help.
  4. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    I have the ultimate fix. Download the FREE and AWESOME Handcent SMS. I blows the stock messaging app away. PERIOD.
  5. lnk

    lnk New Member

    I just downloaded it, opened it up and it crashed....

    I actually can't open it. Every time I try and open it I get the message that it isn't responding and I can either wait, report or click ok to close it.

    Any ideas what is going on ?
  6. huotg01

    huotg01 Member

    It may be the "best", but I have the same problem reported here, either using the default application or Handcent. Talking about Hancent, I did sent a problem report but I'm even unable to know if I should expect an answer.

    Therefore, except for the support, I would say that Handcent is one of the best, when it works...

  7. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Try clearing cache in the app, then shutting down and removing battery and SIM card. Wait a minute then boot back up.

    See how it goes from there.

    Btw, 17,000 messages is a lot of data for services to rake through... jmo. ;)

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