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Messaging App Not Displaying Profile PicturesSupport

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  1. EuropaCar

    EuropaCar Member

    Hi everyone,
    I recently had my incredible 2 replaced because it froze on the white htc splash screen. I got a new one and I'm already having some problems:
    In the messaging app, the first page with a list of all your txts, my friends' contact pictures are not showing up. They do appear in the individual txt threads and in their entries under "People" as well as in phone calls. They just don't appear on the main Messaging app screen.

    I've tried deleting my facebook account from accounts/sync and deleting the data. I've tried reseting the phone. Any ideas?


  2. STeVe7320

    STeVe7320 Well-Known Member

    I think the latest update to version 6.01.605.05 is the culprit. Everything was fine until I updated, and now I have the same problem. Tried resyncing my accounts. Even did a factory reset. Still nothing. Is everybody having this problem?
  3. JaDversary

    JaDversary Member

    I've been searching around online to see if anyone else was noticing this issue. Registered to this site to say that I've come across it as well.
  4. klika

    klika New Member

    Updated this morning and have the same problem. In messages there are no contact photos but when I open a message the linked contact photo appears,
  5. STeVe7320

    STeVe7320 Well-Known Member

    So it is the update then.
  6. STeVe7320

    STeVe7320 Well-Known Member

    Another problem I've run into, sometimes while typing a text, the text appears but the Send button doesn't respond, it appears like I haven't typed at all. Another post update issue, for me anyways.
  7. JaDversary

    JaDversary Member

    It definitely seems to be the update. But it's not the only issue I've been having.

    Has anyone's Dinc2 been rebooting randomly at times for them? It was happening just before I got the update and it still seems to be happening every once in a while after.

    As a sidenote: I just recently upgraded my SD card before the update to 32gb.
  8. STeVe7320

    STeVe7320 Well-Known Member

    That's strange, I haven't had that problem, yet. Fingers crossed. Could it be the 32gb micro sd?
  9. JaDversary

    JaDversary Member

    I couldn't know. I wish I could say for sure that I was having issues before or after I upgraded to 32gb, but I'm not sure exactly. I thought the reboot issue had to do with the need to update the software which I did but it's still happened intermittently.

    I was very careful with the process and backing up everything, etc. I was hoping someone could maybe point me in the right direction regarding an issue like this.
  10. ccallahan77

    ccallahan77 New Member

    I never had a bit of trouble from it until a day before the "firmware update" and now it reboots out of the blue and like others, the contact pics aren't working either. Very aggravating!!
  11. djpepe

    djpepe New Member

    I am having exactly the same problem. Do we need to contact HTC about this or how do these issues get fixedf?
  12. JaDversary

    JaDversary Member

    Well, it's good to know I'm not the only one. :eek:
  13. JaDversary

    JaDversary Member

    I'm starting to wonder if WiFi is what's making the phone reboot on it's own. At work where I don't have it on it's fine. When I get home and turn on WiFi every once in a while I'll catch it rebooting.

    Anyone else that can verify that it's not just the WiFi perhaps?
  14. AlyssaK17

    AlyssaK17 New Member

    Man I'm glad this is a system wide problem. So... do you call Verizon or what? So frustrating. lol
  15. AlyssaK17

    AlyssaK17 New Member

    I use Wifi all the time at home and my phone doesn't reboot at all. Ironically it does it at work where there is no Wifi. Wasn't happening often until that major update yesterday. At least that's when mine happened. Right around lunch time. Took forever to finish and then it rebooted. Now I have the exact same problem as described in this thread. :confused:
  16. JaDversary

    JaDversary Member

    So weird... today I just noticed in my photo gallery an image of my home screen (the gallery for where you’ve taken pics).

    Then again, a couple nights ago my phone froze on me and was about to reboot. The screen itself wouldn’t budge or unlock from my finger but the power button on the top of the phone could still turn the screen on/off. Don’t know why that would’ve taken a picture of my display screen though...

    And once again, I’m encountering these issues (rebooting) when my WiFi is on. I’ve been keeping my mobile network/WiFi off lately because I’m annoyed by the reboots. Can’t verify that it is only WiFi exactly but I’ve been keeping an eye on it with 3G on and nothing has happened really. Also, this seems to happen more often at night for me.

    This new update has given me several problems I’ve never had to deal with ever. Hopefully this can get sorted out.

    Edit: Nvm about the home screen picture, apparently you can take snapshots of your home screen by holding the power button and pressing home. I can buy that I might have done this on accident. Still wondering about this reboot nonsense.
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  17. harrypotter569

    harrypotter569 New Member

    Glad I'm not the only one..
  18. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    I would try a factory reset and if that doesn't fix the problems call Verizon and tell them that the update screwed up your phone. We got lots of new Incredible 2 users when an update bricked lots of Incredible 1s.
  19. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Well-Known Member

    Whoa, shut up!!! When did this happen??? HAS this ability always been there??? Did the last update do this??? I just tried pressing the power button and home and to my surprise it took a friggin' screenshot and saved it to the gallery!!! I thought I need root to do this!!! THANKS!!! This is awesome!!! :D:D:D
  20. JaDversary

    JaDversary Member

    Ha, I was the same way. I might be able to have fun with this feature. I had no idea either. Funny that I learned it by accident or I never would've found out.
  21. jtebmala

    jtebmala New Member

    Weird. I have just added all my contact photos manually and have the opposite problem to above. They are showing up on the txts and entries in contacts but do not show up in phone calls - any further ideas?
  22. ilovethebeach

    ilovethebeach Well-Known Member

    before you do that. Clear your cache.
  23. bezzle

    bezzle New Member

    Via Verizon Community forums


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