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  1. xXninja22990Xx

    xXninja22990Xx New Member

    im posting this because no matter where i look i cant find a solution im having a problem with my auto correct (duh) but its only with my messaging app and before you say it yes everything on all my keyboards remotely resembling auto correct is off yes everything and iv looked through the settings in the app theres no options to turn it off i cant figure it out anyone have any ideas?

  2. KyleAndroid26

    KyleAndroid26 Member

    I would like to know too!
  3. motownwill

    motownwill Active Member

    Isn's autocorrect set by your keyboard input selection? My autocorrect on everything, not just messages, changed when I went from the LG keyboard to SwiftKey.
  4. Nelimungous

    Nelimungous Active Member

    Settings>Personal>Language and Input>Android Keyboard (AOSP)...

    Tap the GEAR on the right of Android Keyboard to access the Auto Correct settings. Tap AUTO CORRECT under TEXT CORRECTION...

    You can change the setting strength or turn it off.

    Unless you already found this?

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