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  1. Azad

    Azad Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 27, 2008
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    Dear friends,

    I am not a geek squad of phones! I am using T-Mobile G1 which I bought on the very same day it launched in US in 2008. I bought it (with great expectations) and unlocked it by the shop owner and came back to Canada. I have no data plan (as I don't need it at this moment) and using it with FIDO SIM card (ROGERS carrier). It works perfectly with out any prob. The updates are automatically done via Wi-Fi. However, from the very begining I have this following issue. When I received the following message I try to call back tapping the hyperlinked number > it goes to dialer with 64722546589 2009/09/29 this number (whatever the number is) and then I have to delete the remaining date to call the person back! Moreover it never shows the NAME of the person even if it is in my contact list. Do you know how to resolve this problem in messaging issue.
    Thanks for the help.

    It apperas exactly I wrote below with color and underline:
    8888: WhoCalled
    Number of calls Missed (01)
    01: 64722546589 2009/09/29
    sent: 4:42PM


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