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  1. PeanutTM

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    Apr 10, 2010
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    I had created groups within my Google contacts to better organize them. One group I had was "Co-Workers". I later decided to eliminate that group.

    I then started noticing that every time I reply to a text from one of the people that was originally in the Co-Workers group, it would send it to EVERYONE that was in the group - about 15 people. However, if I start a new message to that person instead of just replying it only goes to him and no one else.

    Is there something else that needs to be cleared such as a cache I'm not aware of? Again, the group was eliminated from within Google. I originally had Handcent and thinking that that may be the problem, I eliminated it and am just using the stock messaging. This is very annoying because I start receiving messages from all of these other people wanting to know what I'm talking about. PLEASE HELP!


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