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  1. xxRonna

    xxRonna New Member

    I recently moved away to college and began having problems with my messaging. People that I normally text all the time will randomly stop receiving messages from me. Sometimes if I turn my phone off and back on, it'll fix the problem, but it's a hassle to do this. Is anyone else having this problem? Anybody know how I can fix it? Thanks in advance for any help!!!

  2. arnould

    arnould Well-Known Member

    If the phone can receive but not send SMS it could be a carrier outage or issue 90% of the time.

    Have any SMS apps like Handcent installed? Try uninstalling them. And if all else fails go to Settings>Privacy>Factory data reset (make sure back up my data is checked right above it first) to reset the phone. This probably will help.

    It will delete installed apps (but will remember which ones you had to reinstall them easily). It will delete SMS threads and information on note applications. It won't delete anything from your SD card.

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  3. xxRonna

    xxRonna New Member

    Oooookay, I did a reset and now...how do I get my apps baaaack? D;

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