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  1. bwilk226

    bwilk226 New Member

    Lately, since the Jelly Bean update, my phones messaging will randomly stop working. Basically what happens, is I will send a text message to someone and when that text message sends it will show for a split second and then the conversation that's going on will disappear it wont be there at all. I can send another text but it will do the same, show just that message I JUST sent for a split second and then disappear.

    If I press back, to go see all of my conversations, they are gone. It's as if I never had a text message and it says if you want to start a message click new message. Sometimes I will press back and you will see all my conversations for a split second...but then they will disappear.

    If I restart my phone that sometimes will fix it, about 9/10 times it will fix it. But once I return to my messages, any text messages that I had sent when it was being weird, won't send. I have to restart, then click and hold them and press resend.

    This happens with the default SMS application built in, and it's also happening with Go SMS which I downloaded from the app store.

    Any help in solving this would be GREATLY appreciated with a warm donut. If you don't like donuts, then something warm that you do like.:D

  2. mwrobe1

    mwrobe1 Active Member

    Do you have the free Lock Screen Notifications (by devious found in Google Play Store) app installed?

    What you are experiencing is exactly what was happening with my device. Uninstalling this app solved that problem.
  3. bwilk226

    bwilk226 New Member

    Nope, i do not have that installed =/ - I saw somewhere online that this was a known issue but now I can't find it...and it doesn't seem all that known to me -_-

    Anyone? :D
  4. Torrid

    Torrid Well-Known Member

    I have been experiencing the same issue. I havent found a solution yet, unfortunately.
  5. bwilk226

    bwilk226 New Member

    Anyone find anything on this? =[ It's getting so annoying...

    also, now my gallery pics are gone wtf?
  6. bwilk226

    bwilk226 New Member

    last bump and im just gonna take my phone in -_-
  7. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    i had this issue on my phone a while back. but i'm rooted, and at the time this was happening, i was using CM10 stable.

    i didn't have the same issue as you where sending a text would wipe out all the messages. it was very random. like just from launching the app, sending a reply, exiting the app. then all of a sudden my messages disappear until i reboot.

    i switched custom ROMs and haven't seen that issue every since.
  8. ibf1985

    ibf1985 Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem!! only in the last month or so, i got the phone in oct n the update was done a week later i think so i dont know if its that or something else. Like you i restart the phone and they begin to work!!
  9. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    All i can suggest is back up what u can and factory rerset (seems like SO many people are having random bugs since JB that a reset fixes)

    Wait on a few more replies 1st though mate
  10. couchlyf

    couchlyf New Member

    I'm sorry, this is a little embarrassing. What is a ROM?
  11. canyah

    canyah New Member

    Someone has either hacked your phone or just plain old spying app is on your phone retrieving information.

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